99% douchebag

Some banker leaves a <1% tip on a $133 bill, and writes “Get a real job” as a “tip.”

Wait. Wouldn’t he be a 1%er? Or am I confused?

I’m happy that most people who hear this story are pissed off by it. On Facebook there was one idiot trying to defend it, but for the most part, I think most of society recognizes this is an asshole thing to do. I consider that good news for the day.

I think the OP means that the banker is composed of 99% douchebaggery.

I couldn’t watch the video on this mobile device, so I Googled and found this article version. It notes that the banker’s assistant/underling was the one who snapped the photo and posted it online, and that the blog is now down. Yeah. I’m wondering if that blog isn’t the only thing that person is now “missing” since this went viral. :eek:

The customer must not plan on ever returning to that restaurant or any other restaurant where the waiter may be employed. He may really be left with a bad taste in his mouth.

Just more proof that sociopaths are all around us.

From the moment I read that story it sounded to me like someone playing up to popular fantasy about 1%'ers being inhuman assholes. And whaddayknow, the story is bullshit:

The receipt is photoshopped, the incident never happened.

Interesting - I wonder how long before the hoax post that blog was around. Was it created just for this hoax? Or did the photoshopper use the receipt of someone he does actually know and then delete out of panic?

I suspect the blogger didn’t take into account the possibility that the restaurant would be traced and/or choose to get involved and check the receipt

“Why did you always give me a small tip?” the Pam Am stewardess (who was once a waitress) asked the regular customer years later.
“I didn’t want to encourage you”, replies the customer played by Colm Feore.

  • Pam Am

According to a friend’s facebook post they spoke with the manager at the restaurant and were told that it was true. I wonder if they spoke to someone who wasn’t actually the manager or if the manager got verbally spanked by the bad tipper and is now lying to keep the peace.

This sounded like bullshit to me from the beginning.

I am, as a general rule, happy to believe the worst about Wall Street banker types, but this sounded from the very start like some bizarre caricature of evil.

Any customer who wrote that on the receipt had no plans to come back to that restaurant, ever. And why the heck would the manager be getting spanked by the (mythical) bad tipper? Until the manager came out and said this was a hoax, the manager hadn’t done anything. So what is your theory? That this all powerful evil caricature (who hasn’t even been identified so why would he care?) heard of this story and contacted the manager and leaned on him (how exactly?) to lie and say that the receipt didn’t support the story when actually it did?

I’ve heard more convincing arguments from moon landing conspiracy theorists.

Thanks for posting this. I posted a link to the original story on my Facebook, so I’m glad for the opportunity to set the record straight.

I could have done better than that using MS Paint.

I thought this was fake from the beginning, primarily because you wouldn’t even need to photoshop it. Sign and leave a regular tip on the receipt marked “Customer Copy”. Go back to your office and fill out a bogus receipt on the one marked “Merchant Copy”. Post to Facebook with fake story and see how many boobs will jump all over it.

Also, “banker” has become such a general term for “evil businessman” that I’m instantly skeptical of any story like this that uses it.

CNN ran the story as true in the morning show.

1.) Lots of people leave horribly shitty tips and are rude to waitstaff and come back again all the time. Hell, when I was a shift manager at a pizza place I was once physically assaulted by a guy because we wouldn’t take a temporary check and even after being told never to come back he still showed up once every couple of months trying to order a pizza.

2.) Depending on who this mysterious bad tipper is they may very well have come back and reamed the management, advising that if this wasn’t denied they would make life hell for this restaurant. Anything from falsely reporting issues to the health department to no longer allowing the other 200 employees of their company to use company credit cards at this restaurant any more could have been used as leverage to have them cover up the situation. In the job I just left I was an insurance agent and at least twice a month I would have a broker or a customer who forged paperwork, bounced checks, falsified claims and all sorts of other illegal bullshit that threatened to call the department of insurance on us or had their lawyers call and threaten a lawsuit over some stupid crap and 7 out of 10 times it was just cheaper to give them what they wanted than to get hauled into court over something even if we were in the right. I can easily see someone coming back in and making a huge fuss until they got their way.

That being said, I’m not saying that is what happened necessarily or even that it is probable, just that it is possible. It is also possible that the person I saw who commented that they verified this with the management spoke with someone who misidentified themselves and told them it was real when it wasn’t just for kicks.

What nobody seems to be noticing is: If the blogger worked for the bad tipper/banker how would he have the merchant copy of the receipt. You know, the copy that stays with the merchant (which in this case would be the restaurant, not the bank).