99 Luftballoons: help me finish the translation

For all of you who would tell me to just look it up myself- I don’t have a German-English dictionary.

Link to Lyrics
It should be noted that I don’t think the German is all correct in this link. Some of it just doesn’t look right to me.

I’m not looking for the English version lyrics. The English version lyrics differ from the German lyrics (e.g. the German balloons aren’t red). What I’m looking for is a literal translation, word for word, of the German lyrics. I want to cover the song but can’t effectively sing it unless I know what I’m singing.

My highschool German get’s me through just about all of it. Here are the few points of concern.

Denkst Du vielleicht grad’ an mich
Do you think <something> of me?- What is “grad’” short for and what does it mean?

'ne Fliegerstaffel

Alarm zu geben wenn’s so waer
<something> to give, if <something>




gerade, in this context “just now”
“Are you perhaps thinking of me just now?”

a flying squadron

~ “to raise alarm, if that’s the case”

jet plane

here: understood, literally: reaped

shot (verb)

Big Nena fan, I have several of their albums, they have many other fantastic songs as well…

Here’s a website with direct translation, as well as a line up against the english rewrite…


in a word, freetranslation.com

If used in a llogical manner, it can be great=)

If I need something translated, I put it in in clauses rather than sentances because often when putting in a whole sentance it comes out garbled. It is great for doing lyrics or modern poetry, they tend to be done in short enough clauses that things dont get confused=)

Well, here’s one English version . . .


Ha! I checked this thread out, thinking to myself “I wonder if anyone’s posted the Baboons lyrics yet…”



Here ya go.:smiley:

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aruvqan, actually the parts that I didn’t need help with I got from 80% my own knowledge of German and 20% from freetranslation.com! The rest I couldn’t get from that site. I agree: it’s great for what it works for- I use it every now and then. And, you’re right, best to break things down to clauses.

kellner, Thanks! You rock. (Sie rocken! :confused:)

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