9th Republican presidential debate tonight 02/13/16

At the Peace Center in Greenville, SC.* Starts at 9pm EST on CBS.

Of course the candidates will have to mention Justice Scalia (who died today) and talk about who they would appoint to the SCOTUS. (Cruz already has declared he will oppose whomever Obama appoints.)
*The South Carolina primary is 02/20/16 for Dems, 02/23/16 for Pubs.

Yes, I would expect that to be front and center tonight.

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I’ll add that I have not watched any of the debates of either party, but I might tune into this one tonight. The candidate’s views on Supreme Court nominations are important, and it’s likely that if Scalia had not died, those views would never have been discussed in a debate except in passing.

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And then Bernie and Hillary will have to cover it on 03/06/16 in Flint, MI. They’ll have more time to think about it.

It’ll be interesting to see if they’re asked for a moment of silence in his memory.

Even the moderate Republican, Kasich, says that Obama should not nominate a replacement for Scalia. OK, to hell with this.

“If we can’t have it our way, we don’t want it any way.” - Today’s GOP

Trump almost blends into that backdrop.

This is the first one I’ve watched; do they always boo Trump like this?

They aren’t even pretending to be serious anymore. This is just a full on game show, it’s ridiculous. I don’t even want to watch, I just can’t look away . I expect the moderator to drop green slime on Cruz the next time he tells a lie, and I think the finale may be an actual cage match between Trump and Bush.

Wow, I don’t know who’s advising Trump, but he’s an idiot for telling an audience of South Carolinians the truth about Bush. I predict he suffers a huge drop in this primary.

But as much as I loved little Rubio telling us how Bush kept us safe, I think he stole that “thank God Bush was President” line from Giuliani.

This is getting rough. Jeb hates Trump so much.

I dunno. But the person that should have been booed was Bush, saying that his brother kept us safe.

Holy shit, Trump just blamed Dubya for 9/11! WHAT IS HAPPENING

What is Carson even doing on that stage? He’s so irrelevant.

He’s trying to lose because he doesn’t want the job, just the fame. Now he just got all the conspiracy theorists vote. So, maybe I’m wrong.

Carson: “I’ve been asked two questions already. This is great!”

He just can’t help himself.

So I’m wondering if it is Jeb’s strategy to just attack everyone because people think he’s a pussy.

It’s kind of like the weak scrawny kid losing his shite and shooting up the school after being bullied too much.