9th Republican presidential debate tonight 02/13/16

What the hell is going on here? Good lord, this is juvenile and pathetic.

WTF is Trump saying about Jeb mooning people?

Kasich sounding like the adult in the room, IMO.

Jeb! mooning…

Holy Moses, this is just an absolute shit show. Wow, this is the Republican field. Wow.

Carson says that if we disband all regulatory agencies and give the money to the poor, we can solve poverty.

Wouldn’t there have to be a regulatory agency to make sure the poor got the money?

I think Trump may burst a capillary.

The moderator just threatened “to turn this car around”.


Cruz (to Trump): “Adults learn not to interrupt each other.” Indeed.

Indeed. What a disaster. Why do they let Trump interrupt everyone? Bush actually stopped speaking to allow Trump to continue his interruption. Is there anyone who hasn’t called anyone else a liar?

This is AWESOME.

Why doesn’t he just say, “Shut the hell up! I’m speaking!”

This is what I’ve been saying. Trump doesn’t get nomination and his new book is called Why The GOP Screwed Me and Why I Supported Hillary. :smiley:

Wow. this is kinda nuts.

Sounds like this thing will make a great source of clips for ads in the general for the Democratic nominee…

Out of control! I’m waiting for one of them to tear off their mask and show the alien underneath.

I’m afraid they are going to stop the pretenses, and all just whip em out on the podium to measure.

This debate is almost as bad as some of the threads on this MB. :slight_smile:

This is extremely fascinating.

I like that finally someone other than Jeb Bush is attacking Trump. Cruz, as a former attorney, did a much better Job than Bush.

Trump came across as nearly unhinged most of the time.
Cruz came across well but he’s still a lunatic.
Rubio just lost the gay vote with his closing remarks.
Carson is a mild-mannered delusional idiot and he came across like one.
Kasich consistently seemed like the adult in the room.

I think Kasich won this debate.