South Carolina Democratic Debate tonight.

Yes, there’s yet ANOTHER debate tonight. Tom Steyer is back on the stage, I guess because one billionaire with no charisma was not enough. Although I have to say, Bloomberg makes Steyer look like Bruce Wayne.

I’m guessing that there’s going to be more kicking the shit out Bloomberg, since it played well last time. I’d feel bad for the guy, if he wasn’t such a tool. Bloomberg, I swear to God, has the same stage presence as my frail 88-year-old Jewish grandmother, except that my grandmother doesn’t also have an undercurrent of smug arrogance whenever she talks. It would be one thing if the guy was a swaggering little Napoleon who made up for his small stature with a big persona. But HE DOESN’T HAVE THAT. At all.

I’m also guessing that Pete is going to get into it with one of the other candidates again. Last time it was Amy. This time it might be someone else. I think Pete knows that we have all seen the “cool-headed smooth-talker”, and that it’s time for us to also see the “sharp-tongued smackdown-layer.” This isn’t to say that he’s not going to still be cool and collected, but I expect him to be more confrontational, because I think he wants to show the audience the kind of fight that he could take to Trump in the debate.

I don’t expect Biden to distinguish himself any further; I do wonder if Warren is going to try to steal Bernie’s thunder. With Bernie’s momentum, the “centrist” lane is more up for grabs than ever before, and realistically, I think the battle is going to be between Biden, Warren, and Pete. I do not see Amy Klobuchar being able to get a foothold.

I fully expect Tom Stayer to run around the stage trying to get all the other kids to get along while reminding everybody of the real enemy: Bernie Sanders. :wink:

I think Amy is going to go down swinging at Pete, just because she owes him. Honestly though, there’s not much material to work with there.

Attacking Bloomberg seems kinda pointless to me. Everyone knows he’s a sleaze.

It’s a big night for Biden, with the SC primary coming up. He really needs to shine.

I don’t see how it does any candidate any good to attack another candidate unless the candidate being attacked is Bernie Sanders. So what if Amy just owns Pete tonight? Will she get some of his sweet, sweet 8.2%? Nobody wins unless Bernie comes back to the pack.

The Democratic party’s centrist lane is a narrow, cobblestone pathway full of potholes that only goes downhill and that people are avoiding despite the animated flagging going on by the people in the yellow safety vests, because they know that it leads nowhere.

“Centrist” = “has no real values or goals other than maintaining the status quo” to many people today.

ETA: BTW, here are two links for viewing the debate online: and CBS News on YouTube.

I think it’s going to be an all-out attack on Bernie. All of them realize that if he wins South Carolina and goes into Super Tuesday with a tailwind, he could come out the other side as either the presumptive nominee, or with enough delegates to make it nearly impossible to avoid an incredibly divisive brokered convention in summer.

Bloomberg in particular is coming loaded for bear. Expect to hear about Bernie’s belief that the way to combat pornography is to let little children run around naked and touch each other’s genitals, and that one way you’ll know that the socialist revolution is here is when “a girl pushes aside what her mother ‘taught’ her and accepts her boyfriend’s love.”

I agree, you’ll see them all turn on Bernie since he’s the front runner. Warren had a great performance in the last debate and a bump in the polls; she needs to stop Bernie’s momentum and position herself as the safer progressive candidate.

Starts at 8pm EST.

Agree with above commentators, they’ll attack Sanders quite a bit since he is starting to run away with it (except Warren and Steyer, they won’t attack Bernie). Probably attack him for the socialist label and not having answers on how to pay for everything.

Amy however will be attacking Pete just 'cause she is still bitter about the last debate.

No idea about Bloomberg. Will they ignore him or attack him? He does make Steyer look like a much nicer breed of billionaire though.

From an AP story about the debate participants:

Wow; that is a very, very specific niche voter he’s trying to reach. :eek:

If they don’t all attack Bernie, they’re stupid.

And I hope Amy doesn’t stick to the stupid “But why don’t we focus on why we are all here and that is to beat Donald Trump” schtick.

That’s not why you are there. You are there to kill each other and the last person standing gets to try to beat Donald Trump. This faux team spirit in a primary always irks me.

Here we go!

And Bloomy drops the first bomb. “That’s why Putin is helping your campaign” to Bernie. :smiley:

omg Biden “I’m not saying he’s to blame, but he’s to blame”

Every time they attack Bernie, he gets bigger and stronger.

Really? Seems to be shrinking to me. :wink:

Bloomberg: I’ve talked to black leaders about how I can better position myself [after stop and frisk].

Started out rough.
I wish Pete would shut up.

Didn’t tell us what they said, though.

Senator Librarian comes with facts about Bloomberg and hammers them home over and over again; doesn’t she?