10th Republican presidential debate tonight 02/25/16

At the University of Houston, on CNN. Begins 8:30 E.T. All five remaining candidates are invited – Carson, Cruz, Kasich, Rubio and Trump.

This is the one from which National Review was disinvited because of its anti-Trump issue. Also the one which originally was to be hosted by NBC, but the RNC dropped NBC because of the “bad faith” issue.

If there are enough debates, there will eventually be only one network deemed suitable to broadcast them, and it will be TTN. You may not have heard of it because it hasn’t been established yet, but The Trump Network will be huuuge, and it will be terrific. It will be a terrific network, believe me.

I will try to sit through this one. My wife is connected to the running of it and she may want feedback on how it looks on TV. The things we do for love.

As long as you haven’t pushed a kid out of a window, it’s all good. :slight_smile:

Between this and Trump refusing to appear on Fox debates, they’re going to start running out of debate hosts before the end of primary season.

I hope Rubio dispels the notion that Barack Obama doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Dispels with the notion, that is!

It’d be pretty awesome if the moderator asked Rubio whether he thinks Obama knows what he’s doing.

Well Kasich just went all in on a path to citiz… sorry, legalization.

That health care bit was pretty brutal to Trump.

The audience is sure in the tank for the GOP establishment.

Rubio is actually doing a good job. Finally showing some backbone against Trump.

It doesn’t matter, though. Trump’s base doesn’t * care* that Trump just says nonsense.

I’m proud of Carson’s ability to answer each question by beginning with an irrelevant digression.

Trump was giving back pretty well until health care. That said, I was boggled at the applause at Rubio using the same “He’s repeating himself!!” line. I mean “I know you are, but what am I?” isn’t exactly masterwork.

Interesting that Trump’s isolationism and protectionism has been going over so well. I know this isn’t news, but I wouldn’t have guessed that 40% of the GOP electorate would support a guy ginning up a trade war.

From Washington Post’s article:

I can’t stop laughing.

I know what you mean because my Grandmother made excellent cabbage rolls.

Tell her the giant hot dog visible behind Mr. Cruz is making me hungry.

Kasich easily sounds the most competent out of the five. Too bad he has zero chance (not that I’d vote GOP anyway).