Next Republican presidential debate Thursday 01/14/16

To air on Fox Business Network, from North Charleston, NC.

Candidates in the 9pm prime-time debate: Trump, Cruz, Rubio, Carson (yes, he’s still running!), Christie, Bush and Kasich.

6pm kiddie-table debate: Paul (who says he won’t participate), Fiorina, Huckabee and Santorum (yes, he’s still alive!).

Paul hinted that he may drop out if he wasn’t on the main stage at the last debate. I know he’s said he won’t participate in an undercard, but I wonder if he is still committed to running.

“Life’s unfair”-President Rand Paul in his resignation speech.

Apparently Rand will be hosting his own online town hall this evening while the real candidates debate.

Some think Cruz and Trump will finally go at each other on stage tonight, but I don’t know. If fireworks happen, I’ll be stunned if it’s Cruz throwing the first punch.

My predictions for tonight:

  • Trump will hit Cruz on Goldman Sachs but probably will leave the eligibility issue alone.
  • Christie and Bush and Kasich will go hard after Rubio to try and claim the establishment lane in NH.
  • Bush will try and go after Trump some more
  • Carson will have the least amount of speaking time of all the candidates. Nobody wants to hear from him and he’s not going to push his way in.
  • Besides the establishment lane, Rubio will have attacks from Cruz and maybe Trump.
  • Kasich will interrupt people a lot

As much as Trump played up Obama’s eligibility, I wouldn’t be surprised if the moderators ask him to weigh in on the issue regarding Cruz. I agree that Trump will get in a shot about Goldman Sachs. I think Cruz would do well to only play as much defense as is necessary and not fight back with attacks on Trump. As tempting as it may be, I just do not see a benefit to trying to bring Trump down.

Well, Trump and Cruz are having it out over Cruz’ birthplace . . .

…And Trump says he only cares now because Cruz is doing better.

Do these guys know that Obama can’t run again?

Trump already has a crack team of investigators he can put on this. It’s “unbelievable” what they found out about Obama’s birth, or lack of it, or something, when he sent them to Hawaii. Trump said so, and I agree. He never told us what they found, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have believed it. QED. So now it’s time to get this team going again.

I’m recording it. Should I bother watching?

They know their base might be a little vague on the point.

John, you might enjoy it more (and learn just as much) if you stick your scrotum into a vice, tighten it as tight as humanly possible without ripping your scrotum off, masturbate with a cheese grater, then clean up with sandpaper dipped in lemon juice.

Rubio’s voice quavering while spouting his lies about the President.

He needs a drink of water.

And Christie’s going to kick Obama out of the White House.

I don’t think so. Christie just told Obama that the Pubs were going to “kick his rear end out of the White House in November”.

After calling the President a petulant child.

So far, it sounds like most of the others have decided to challenge Trump for the title of “the Republican Id.”

Pandering to the base base [sic], though they likely actually believe a lot of what they’re spouting.

Well Cruz just suggested a 10% flat income tax and a 16% corporate tax, oh and abolish the IRS (guess everyone will be so happy about the new low taxes you won’t need anyone to collect them). He didn’t go into how he’s going to pay for government spending afterwards. I am officially flabbergasted.