March 3rd Republican debate

This should be a good one. I may even force myself to put my TV on Fox News, that’s how good I think it will be.

Following Super Tuesday results, and Romney’s comments this morning, the knives will be out. I think even Kasich is going to have to make an attack of some sort.

Also, will Megyn Kelly bleed out of her whatever?

The first debate was on Aug 6th, this is the 3rd. If her cycle is regular, there’s a chance of rain.

I predict sweetness and light. Megyn Kelly and Drumpf will kiss and make up. Both Megyn and Donald want the GOP to win.

The candidates know they embarrassed the entire country last time out and have had enough time to reflect on how bad that made their entire brand look. Video from the last debate will be part of the Democratic advertising campaign come September and October. I doubt they want to add ammunition.

If I’m incorrect about this, it’s just proof of how totally irrational these folks are.

Druther see Trump bleed out of his . . .

I am no expert but I know “regular” doesn’t mean on the same day every month. And it’s a leap year!
I will see how much I can watch - I sat through the entire last one but at least that wasn’t a Fox hosted one.

It’s in Detroit. Hmm. Interesting choice of venue. It’s been a persistent RW meme on the Intertubes for a few years now that Detroit’s present condition is an instance of the failure of Democratic governance. But if that comes up, the candidates will be under pressure to say how they would fix its problems, and what could they say?


  1. Lower taxes.
  2. Build a wall.
  3. Deport the immigrants. (they don’t even bother with the “illegal” in front anymore)

Someone else posted a while ago, Trumps plans for how to “make this country great” or fix problems reminds me of the old Monty Python sketch “how to do it”, which was a kids program on how to do all sorts of great things:

“I would adopt some of the ideas from the various states, such as how the governor here has improved municipal water management…”

The audience seems especially lively tonight. Ugh, I despise it when they think they are part of the show.

Trump just schlonged the debate!

Seven minutes in, and we’re already being told that Donald is sufficiently hung.

7 minutes in and the Donald just bragged about his penis.

This never disappoints.

Oh, I see I’ve been ninjaed

. . . Ted, if you abolish the IRS, who’s going to collect the flat-tax?

Trump just claimed to have a big dick.

I can’t believe Cruz keeps harping on “abolish the IRS”. Even he must believe the government needs some money.

Wouldn’t we all be more surprised if he didn’t?

You know what they need? A shut-off switch for the microphones.

It plays well to the base.

I’ve thought the same thing. I assume the candidates wouldn’t agree to it.

And a Cone of Silence.

Kasich has taken up Carson’s routine of, “Why don’t I get any time?”