Republican presidential debate tonight 01/28/16

In Des Moines, Iowa, of course. On Fox News, of course.

Trump is boycotting, on account of that nasty Megyn Kelly being on the panel, of course.

That leaves Bush, Carson, Christie, Cruz, Kasich, Paul and Rubio in the prime-time debate. And Fiorina, Gilmore (who?!), Huckabee and Santorum in the undercard debate.

At least we’ll have one Republican presidential debate this year that some candidate other than Trump can claim to have “won.” Who will it be, I wonder?

Drink every time you hear “Trump.” Floor open for additional rules.

Drink? Like, a shot, every time? Who you trying to kill?

Even if it was a shot of water, this could result in deaths.

Trump will win. The post debate talk will be Trump Trump Trump Trumpity Trump. He dominates the news cycles without showing up and no chance of a gaffe

He’s gonna “tweet” his way through it all. Or show up, surprise!

Move the TV into the bathroom, everyone!

Move my TV to the bathroom, no room for me.

The bathroom?
That’s disgusting!
I know what you were doing in there, I don’t want to think about it.

I hear that in the general election debates, there’s an excellent chance that that nasty Hillary Clinton will be on the panel. Wonder what he’ll do then, if he’s the GOP nominee? :slight_smile:

Ann Coulter calls FoxNews arrogant…on MSNBC

Could this election cycle get any more insane?

What, they thought of Fox News at ‘their’ network?

I guess they missed the memo about how it was ‘fair and balanced.’ How could that have ever happened?

Is Gilmore seriously back in a debate for the first time since August?

Trumps not in it, so I wan’t be watching. But I will eagerly get nasty with Megyn Kelly anytime, any place!

I’m finding it amusing that FOX News is being eaten by its own children.

“Not conservative enough.” Heh.

What, too lazy to jerk off?

:o Look, I’m sure I’m not the only liberal dude to whom Megyn Kelly is a guilty pleasure . . .

Not just Fox, the whole of Movement Conservatism is being eaten by its children. William F. Buckley must be spinning (very languidly and decorously) in his grave.

I get the impression that the Trump event will be carried on CNN at the same time.

Maybe they can beat Fox’ ratings for once. :wink:

Yeah, that’s it.