12/15/15 The final Republican Debate.

Well, I expect some sparks to fly this evening.

Trump is sure to get a boost no matter what he says. Given poll numbers in recent days, I see it as an important night for Cruz, Rubio and Christie, in particular.

You guys planning to watch? Any predictions?

I predict a 12% increase in my feeling of despair for the country.

“Final”? There will be seven more.

I’m looking forward to JEB! attempting to deliver his “knockout punches” to Trump and Rubio. His handlers are stressing to him right now how vitally important it is to the future of his campaign. It will be hilarious!

Of 2015.
Threw me too, the first time I heard it.

I’ve been looking for that since the first debate, but so far the Jeb’ster hasn’t come close to laying a glove on them. Trump is impervious, it seems, and won’t hesitate to throw haymakers right back at Jeb, and Rubio has been a deft counterpuncher anytime Jeb (or anyone else) has gone after him.

I really thought at the start he would emerge as the candidate, and I am not entirely convinced that he won’t, but geez can you run any worse than he has?

I’m curious how Cruz, now that he’s broken from the pack and has more name recognition, handles his time. I think it may come down to him and Jeb/Rubio/Christie survivor, and he’s ruthless enough to take them on and bring them down…if he doesn’t make a mis-step.

Sorry, I must have been overly subtle. The key word in my previous comment was “attempt.”

Of course, JEB! will fuck up his offensive plays, just as he has in the last few debates.

I’m thinking the three in February are the ones that will matter most. Between Iowa (when it gets real and more people start paying attention) and Super Tuesday (when piles of delegates are won, and it becomes dofficult to change dynamics).

So . . . drink when one of them says “Muslim”?


NH and IA are sort of practice runs in niche markets with limited applicability to the rest of the country. TV talks of “momentum” but it’s 100% blather in a football game and more so in a series of elections each involving disparate electorates.

Super Tuesday is where nominations are won. Or more frequently, lost. Be the most talked-about character going into that and you’ll be golden.

Great username / post combo.

With ideas like that perhaps your name ought to be GluttonForBrainPunishment. :smiley:

I have a feeling it’s setting up to be the Trump/Cruz show. I wonder how much face time the other candidates will get.

The thing is, Cruz won’t attack Trump. Not hard anyway. And those who do (Kasich, especially) will be swatted down easily. Trump will be all, “what’s that I hear from the end of the stage? Someone talking down there?” I’ll watch, but I think I can already predict how the whole thing will play out.

I might catch some of it – I’m always open to free live standup! Trump won’t answer any questions but I’m looking forward to his Don Rickles act where he insults everyone around him. CNN is hyping the show with a picture of Trump looking like a snarling orange-maned marmoset.

I rather hope this will be The Apotheosis of Donald Trump, with his selection by acclamation whilst he laps around the stadium as all the other candidates fall to their knees in sequence and hail him 'Imperator !’

Trump — Romney 2016 !

Trump needs to say something even more outrageous. If he merely says something like “We need to deport all Muslims and dirty thieving Mexicans”, that won’t be enough to get him headlines anymore.

So look for him to go the extra mile. Perhaps announce his plans for Muslim camps, where we can “keep an eye on them”, or threatening to nuke any country that does not accept America as The Bestest in the Whole World". He’s gotta go for the headlines.

Probably doing the entire debate in German would be going a bit too far though.

By “free” I take it you’re interpreting your cable TV subscription as a sunk cost, rather than divided among all the TV you end up watching to reflect the value of each program to you? Or is there a live streaming feed (like the Fox radio link posted in this forum for the first debate) for those of us with only OTA television channels? Last time I tried to stream CNN, the free preview cut off after only a minute of the debate.

I might make an outing tonight to visit the nearest watering hole (which is likely to be showing the debate), so the cost to me is the additional wear on my shoe soles, plus the value added by the restaurant to whatever raw ingredients make up the food I end up ordering.

Well, he actually is a snarling orange-maned marmoset, so can you blame them?

I’ll be looking for Cruz to personally break into the Flashdance routine on the debate floor. He’s a MA-niac, MAAAAAA-niac…

Wow, for a second there I forgot Bush was even still in the race! I’ll watch, and hope in vain for some exciting game-changer. But four months of debate-watching has taught me that there’s only a weak correlation between strong debate performances and strong candidates.

And that, folks, is the best summary of the Bush campaign I’ve seen. You win the internet!!

His new campaign slogan: Jeb?

I predict The Donald will crush them all – the more any of the others disparage him the louder and more bombastic and outrageous he’ll get. And the Republican voters will eat it up.