A 40-foot rubber duck is coming to Pittsburgh

A 40-foot rubber duck is going to be coming to Pittsburgh this fall. I bet Lil’ Neville will love this.

I saw it on some morning show the other day. Its such a silly and delightful spectacle. I want to take pictures, maybe from up Mt. Washington or wherever.

I, for one, welcome our new Giant Rubber Duckie Overlords.

I clicked the link in the OP and immediately scared the shit outta my cats by exclaiming “OH MY FUCKING GOD THAT’S AWESOME!”

Easily the coolest thing I’ve seen in a city waterway since I had the great privilege to see Christo’s Surrounded Islands way back in '82. If any Dopers go see this, PLEASE take pictures!

The West is copying China. So strange.

aw man: Giant duck deflates, taking with it the hopes and dreams of all Hong Kong


that picture of it face down in the water…

Woke up couldn’t sleep. Read the thread title, and did a double take because I could have sworn it said “dick” and not “duck”

Methinks I need more sleep.

Vhy a duck? Vhy-a no chicken?

I thought it was an art installation, moving to various world cities. No copying: Pittsburgh is just the next stop on the tour.

Release the Quacken!

Oh that’s bad!

In my younger days I used to pass through this area in the boonies. At one middle of nowhere intersection was an independent convience store that sold fried chicken.

To promote their chicken they had a 15 to 20 foot tall concrete one outside.

I had not been there for years and when I went back recently it was gone :frowning:

The good news was I had a good Jeff Foxworthy moment at a place nearby.

You know you are a redneck when you have a MIG fighter jet up on blocks in your front yard.