For your safety do not climb on Giant Noodle Sculpture

I don’t know how I missed this. I was passing through the Quincey Market/Faneuil Hall area of Boston today and I noticed a sculpture of a giant elbow noodle, colored saffrom yellow, as if diyused with industrial Mac’n’Cheese sauce. Emblazoned on it were the words You Know You Love It.

In smaller letters on the base are For your safety, do not climb on Giant Noodle Sculpture.
Evidently this has been up for a couple of years, and is the handiwork of Kraft, who has also put one up at Pier 39 in San Francisco*, as well as at Wriglet Field in Chicago and the Santa Monica Pier and Love Park in Philadelphia and Og knows where else.

*Home of Rice a Roni, the San Francisco Treat. They must be trying to stir up trouble.

If it weren’t for that warning, I’d totally climb on the Giant Noodle Structure.

I’m with Bees.
Damn you, OSHA.

We can still taunt Giant Noodle Sculpture though, right?

And then you’d cause another Noodle Incident.

You’re thinking of The Spaghetti Incident. Everything’s cool now. Axl has himself a new band and past indiscretions are never mentioned.

Calvin and Hobbes, noodle incident.

And may the Pirates have mercy on your soul if you try to climb on the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I don’t want to climb on it. Do you think they’d mind if I burned it? For crying out loud, weren’t companies yammering at us enough already trying to get us to buy their crap?

Honestly they aren’t doing a very good job I’ve been to Quincey Market several times in the past few years and don’t remember seeing it.

After Monsters, Inc. came out, there were a pair of life-sized Mike (the giant eyeball) and Sully (the blue furry one) statues at the public library. There was a sign on Sully saying, “Do not touch.”

I saw a little boy tell his younger sister, “We can’t touch this one”, pointing to Sully. Then he pointed to Mike. “This one doesn’t have a sign, so we can hit him all we want!” He threw a punch to demonstrate his point.

I’m going to tell Billy Crystal (who voiced Mike) this story if I ever meet him.

My Dad used to have a pool but there are no longer any traces of its existence. But on the tool shed is a warning sign that says “drowning danger”. I wonder if it gets any double takes.

When it went up at Chicago’s Wrigley Field, there were rumors of a girl getting trapped inside. Turned out to be untrue.