A 90-minute Windows 10 update?

Usually Windows updates when I turn the power off at night - it goes into update mode before it will shut off.

Today, March 30, it started an update when I turned it on. And it went on and on and on and on. Over 90 minutes of updating.

The last Windows 10 major update I can find was back on March 8. [KB3140768 (OS Build 10586.164)]

So what the heck was going on this morning? And that March 8 update was a few minor things. What can Windows possibly do in a mere update that require 90 minutes of computer time.

My computer is staggering like it just woke up from a coma, too. Screens going black, browser windows switching, odd internet errors. Opening Word was instantaneous. Today it took 20 seconds. Upgrading to Windows 10 went faster and smoother than this.

I have Windows 10 and received no update.

Same here as EM. No Windows updates this week both on my PC that came with W10 and my wife’s laptop which was upgraded from W7 to W10.

I’d recommend doing a reboot and maybe running a good virus checker. If that doesn’t help use System Restore to go back a couple of days.


I just remembered that Microsoft deprecated System Restore in W10. There’s another way of going back in time but I can’t remember it right now. :smack:

Unlikely that it was a virus. The screen kept giving cheery statements about Windows as it was ticking off the percentage of the update. No hacker thinks that way. It’s bad enough Microsoft does.

On Monday I finally updated from Window 7 to 10. That entire process (not counting the initial download) took only 90 minutes. The only major problem I had was when I tried to update Norton Antivirus. It opened an installation web page in IE, and my system slowed to a crawl. Even Task Manager took minutes to respond. Finally I was able to shut down IE, and everything was okay.

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