A baby shower??!! Here!! Today??? Arrrgh!

But the NCAA tournament is on! There’ll be how many women here? It’ll take weeks to bring the estrogen level down!

Oh, I can go to the bar to watch the games? Really? For how long? Until the showers over? How long is that? That long? OK, I guess I can make that sacrifice then. It’ll be tough, mind you, but I’ll do it for you dear.
This thread contains no religion, politics or raving about SDMB going pay - Probably should say something about bad about Czarcasm though - it is the thing to do - he’s a weenie.

Oh, no! You can’t be serious. Just explain to everyone that it was an obvious scheduling fiasco, but offer them the garage to be helpful.

The women really don’t want you around anyway.

You better get your butt to the bar, quicksmart. Otherwise, you might get roped into playing that game where they smudge stuff on baby diapers, pass them around, and you have to guess what the “crap” is.

I give your rant a 2.1 .

You failed the basic requirements: Usage of Fuck and * Tard *and lack somehow blaming Christians/Jews/Islamic Jihadians/Jackbooted Moderaters/Girl Scouts for this catastrophic scheduling conflict along with general incohesiveness that leads me to beleive that instead of being spitting mad, you are just whining.

Take yourself to the bar and get stinkin’ drunk.

Clearly, it is your only solution.

[safetymonitor] Take cab fare for getting home afterward [/safetymonitor]

Jesus… you don’t want to be around thse giggling hens anyway. As others have said, get yourself to a bar and enjoy the tournament. If you need can’t drive home, get a cab. I give this pitting a 2.5 as well.

Go to bar. Get fucking wasted. Enjoy game. Take cab home. Pass out on sidewalk.