A bag of sliders and a couple ?'s for dessert.

I was gonna put this in GQ, but I’m afraid somebody’ll yell at me. So;
White Castles are commonly called “sliders” where they’re popular. Do Krispy Kreme donuts have a nickname?

Just sliders?

I’ll take a 5 raincoats, a box of nails, and a choke.

I don’t know if KKs have a nick name.

I don’t know about Krispy Kremes, but Krystal’s are know as either sliders or “rectum rockets”.
Gross, I know. I don’t live in the land of Krystals anymore, and I’ve never had White Castle.


The only nickname I’ve seen for KK donuts so far is “fat pills”

They’re actually Slyders.

Bah. When I was growing up, they were Sliders. The mis-spelling with the “y” is simply so they could trademark it.

And I’ve done the frozen sl(i)der thing. Something’s missing. Probably the volatiles from the onions.

That’s what we call all donuts.
KK’s remind me of cotton candy. I really don’t care for them. So any nickname I’d come up with would probably be negative.
Are you guys whooshing me with that “KK” thing? :wink:

My dad always calls White Castles, “pony burgers.” haha. I was thinking the proper dessert after a dinner of pony burgers would be a Peanut Buster Parfait from DQ.

Yeah, we’ve got a lot of heart attacks here in Indiana… :smiley:

We’ve have;
No White Castles
No Dairy Queens
No Dunkin’ Donuts (Drool)
Some of you folks in the Midwest would starve to death around here. :wink:
Wanna tofu burger?

When I was going to college in the midwest, we would drive two hours for White Castles. We longingly referred to them as Belly Bombers!!

Haven’t heard a nickname for Krispy Kremes. I’ll stay tuned. . .

Yo mangeorge…the guys over at GQ sent me over to yell at you. “GAAAHRRRRGH”.

Later dude.

Whoa (shivver). :eek: I’m outta here!