A basketball game should be decided ON a court, not IN a court

Ralph Nader has stepped forward to protect the public against the scourge of a Laker victory. No problem is too small for this champion of the consumer – this paragon of the public. He has unearthed a conspiracy to hide the fact that Kobe Bryant is Unsafe at Any Speed.

At present, he’s asking for an NBA review. Can a lawsuit be far behind?

BTW this isn’t as impossible as it sounds. A few years ago, the America’s Cup sailboat race beween California and Australia was decided by a Judge in New York State, who decided that she had jurisdiction. If she’s still on the bench, then Sacramento still has a real chance for the NBA championship.

Don’t throw out those Bibby signs just yet! :o

I read this earlier and concluded this is the most moronic thing I’ve seen in quite awhile.

I guess thats one more base he’ll alienate.

And this is the fellow who split the liberal vote?

Anyone who saw the 4th quarter of game 6 should have some suspicion. It’s pretty obvious that the refs made sure the series went 7 games. Both teams got help when it would prolong the series. But the 4th quarter of game 6 was just insane. (Not that it should be a legal issue)

Where was it mentioned in that article that it should be a legal issue? All I can see is that Nader and The League of Fans asking the NBA to review the game themselves.

From what I have read about the game, it is very dubious.

strangely enough, the only person who mentioned a law suit was December.

Would you raise the same questions, or have the same mocking tone if it was Rush Limbaugh who advocated a review of the game?

I heard Nader interviewed on The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio yesterday. He isn’t looking to have the results of the conference finals overturned. He raised a couple of good points, saying that the refs for Game 6 weren’t part of the top 10 referees in the NBA. Why wouldn’t you want your best refs working a game of such importance? (Having said that, I don’t know what criteria are used to determine the “10 best refs,” or even if such a list exists.)

Nader wants David Stern to review the game and determine if refereeing mistakes were made that could have affected the outcome. His whole point is that presently, the NBA refuses to even entertain the idea that mistakes can be made.

Very far behind. In order to have a cause of action, there must both be a wrong and an injury. Even if there was a “wrong” - bad calls - the fans weren’t injured. The people in the arena weren’t paying for a Kings victory - they were paying to watch a game. The people watching on TV weren’t paying, period.

Even legal gamblers don’t have a cause of action. The NBA did not solicit or encourage their bets.


Penthouse Magazine recently published nude photos alleged to be Anna Kournakova, but which turned out to be some other woman’s body.

A class-action suit has been filed on behalf of the buyers of that issue, because they got pictures of the wrong naked lady. :cool:

Wow…I opened this thread to make a non-sequiter “Fucking liberals” comment, based solely on the OP poster.

I guess it wouldn’t be a non-sequiter.

December, the horse is dead. Stop beating off to it…err…beating it.


IIRC (and it’s been awhile since I’ve read about this, so my recollection may be fuzzy), the America’s Cup series of races was started by the New York Yacht Club (which successfully defended the cup for over 150 years, until Dennis Connnor lost to the Aussies in 1984). In the charter for the America’s Cup, New York’s Court of Appeals (the state’s supreme court) was given jurisdiction to decide any disputes related to the races. That grant of jurisdiction continues, even when the cupholder and challenger are no longer from New York State.

Indeed, the first fifty years of the Cup saw race organizers frequently inside the courthouse.

I’m not disagreeing that the Nader thing is stupid; I’m just pointing out that the America’s Cup is a poor analogy to bolster your point.