A battle royale

Watching Battle Royale on TV last night it struck me how well some characters would fit in with the scenario of being stuck on a island with lots of jungle and forced to kill each other.

My nomination is S-Sgt Robert Barnes from Platoon.

  • He’s a remorseless killing machine - women, children and even his own men are fair game to him.
  • Being a Vietnam vet he’ll be in his element in the jungle.
  • Natural born leader - others would likely follow him.
  • Equally happy wielding an M-16 or in close quarters with a knife.


  • Suicidal tendancies?
  • He ussually operates in a squad, although he has no qualms about wandering off into the jungle (when he goes to shoot Sgt. Elias).

Now let’s here your nominations!

Oh, there’s only 1 rule: your nomination has to be withing the realms of reality. So no wizards or predators please.

And try not to make as many spelling errors as I did either.

Wait a second… they werw showing Battle Royale on TV? Like the Japanese movie?

The very same. Channel 4, UK.



  • Can fashion traps out of twigs and spittle
  • Can escape from traps using only twigs and spittle


  • Not much water is rationed to each contestant - spittle may run out
  • Can’t or won’t use conventional weapons

(Sorry, I’ll try to come up with someone more original.)

Is Battle Royale a good movie? Is it better than the book?

i liked it. it wasnt as in depth as the book but it seemed to be a fair adaptation just a diffrent ending… and a sequel. As for who i’d want on the island?

from invader zim

advantages: SWEET jumping jellybeans he’s crazy!

disadvantage: that taco costume