A Beer Coctail

I put the beer in the freeze before I drank it to get it really cold. I pulled it out. It was liquid. I open it, it becomes slush ice. I open another beer and pour a bit of both in a glass. It is like a cold beer with ice beer chunks floating on top. They melt on the tongue and tastes awesome, at least with Shiner Bock. Am I on to something? Is this done by sane people?

You have rediscovered the beer slurpie. Fortunately, you did not ruin an overly expensive beer doing it. As to a proper beer cocktail, James Beard makes mention of a “Dog’s Nose” where a shot of gin is floated in a beer.

Long ago I made the acquaintance of someone who claimed to have enjoyed ice cream floats made with San Miguel dark lager.

<insert retching sounds here>

You haven’t priced a Shiner Bock lately. It’s gotten pricey in the last 3 or so years now that microbrews came trendy. Now a Red Dog beer slurpie has potential.

A beer coctail is I think an Aussie specialty.

UGLY is the name, and I drank it once, if you try it “after” you get drunk it tastes ok!!

It consists of a shot glass of Bloody Bary sunken in a large glass of beer, and you drink the whole thing in one gulp.

And I have a question: My Aussie friend also spoke of another coctail called eggly! It is the same coctail plus contents of one raw egg broken into the glass as well. Anybody hear of that, or was he pulling our leg??

No Zoom, beer is an aussie specialty.
And there is a ‘k’ in ‘cocktail’
I assume that “bloody bary” is a ‘bloody mary’ with a typo, and I’ve never heard of an ‘eggly’

There is one called a red eye, however… it’s kinda a ‘hair of the dog’ type drink that you’d have for breakfast after a big one. In the movie ‘Cocktail’ Bryan Brown is constantly drinking them. Here’s how you make one in 10 easy to follow steps:

1 Go out the night before and get really pissed.

2 Wake up in the early afternoon in your own bed and no idea how you got there or what you did before you got there.

3 fart.

4 wonder why you’re cuddling a road sign.

5 get up and go down to your kitchen and carefully step over your friends who have passed out on your floor.

6 There is no step 6

7 Take 1 schooner or pint glass and half fill it with tomato juice. top it up with beer (bitter for preference, VB is best if you can get it) and float an egg yolke on top.

8 drink.

9 leave the ingredients out for your friends when they wake up.

10 go back to bed.

And there you have it. I dunno about semi-frozen beer though - it sounds dangerous.

Let us not forget the infamous “Boilermaker”. Similar to some, but widely varied.

Mug of favorite “hopspops”, shot of whiskey dropped gingerly to the bottom of the mug, imbibe carefully lest shot glass bang rudely on teeth, look around with a measure of experienced machismo, hope that no one with style and substance saw what you just did.

than a bloody beer on Sunday mornings. Coors light,Spicy V8, worstershire, tabasco, fresh ground pepper, and a dash of salt, plenty of ice cubes. I like to have a balanced breakfast on the weekend!

later, Tom.

A German restaurant here in OKC offers (or used to, I haven’t been there in years) a “Bavarian cocktail” - lager and champagne. Dad used to swear it was great. You might ask for one with your knockwurst sometime.

Ahhhh, the subtle tastes of the porter float. Imagine after a long, hot day hiking, pulling into a pub at the end of the trail and getting . . .

A cold scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in a dark, rich glass of porter – the cool sweetness of the ice cream mixing with the vibrant textures of the beer. Mmmmmmm.

It makes you realize that root beer floats are really a kiddie drink.

There is a cocktail – I haven’t tried it – which I believe is called a “Black Velvet”. Simply equal parts Guinness and champagne. Can anyone give their judgement on this one? (And did I get the name right?)

I’ve heard of the Black Velvet- and you got the name and ingredients right. Never had one though.

I’ll have to solve problem that at the next 'dopefest.

My brother-in-law, a native of St. Louis, introduced me to simple Red Beer…pour one of those little 5-oz. cans of chilled V-8 into a pint glass, and fill with a 12-oz. can of some cheap Anheuser-Busch product (okay, wiseasses, you drink off the an ounce or two of the head and then re-pour). Works as a hangover remedy, and is remarkably refreshing on a hot summer day.