A Big Ass Work Rant

I work in tech support for Big Ass Game Company[sup]TM[/sup]. Most of the calls are fine, they tell me what the problem is and I fix it, maybe I send them an email with some extended steps or send them off to get a driver or whatever. But there’s always the one customer, who an outside observer would swear was the victim of some horrible satanic conspiracy by BAGC to ritually sacrifice her family by making her play our addictive yet broken game. So she calls us in a screaming fit about it, nothing we say is good enough, she’s going to sue us for phone expenses and her precious time and why are we giving her the runaround instead of answering her question, which we try to give but isn’t acceptable, and on and on and on.

And then there’s the emails. Most of them are easy, but we get crushed under the tremendous tsunami. No matter how late we stay working on them, more flood in the next day and we have to stay late again. And a lot of them could be answered if the people would pay a little attention and read the manual or what it says on the screen.

In a wise business move, BAGC has decided to hire people on a 6 month contract basis, and occasionally make one or two of them permanent. To get hired on as a permanent employee, you have to severely bust your ass, and maybe nothing comes of it, and you get a minor raise over your miniscule wages as a temp. So in a couple weeks, 11 of us are leaving all at once. I feel sorry for my friends that will still be there facing the onslaught, but I can’t say I will miss it.

Hell yeah, man. Work sucks.

Uh… It totally, totally sucks.

[Your post looked lonely. (I shall now vanish again into the mists of obscurity. See you next year. [I had have my password re-sent to me to post this. (Is that pathetic or what?)])]

I’ve been looking for Big Ass Work for months now! How’d you land it?

Go to the Big Ass Website and post your Big Ass Resume, with all your Big Ass Mad Skillz. Then take a Big Ass Test that will make your brain have Big Ass Ache.