A bird took a bath in the birdbath!

Who knew it was actually a functional object?

Some small brown bird (I wasn’t close enough to see what it was – a sparrow or something, nothing too exciting) hopped into one of the birdbaths and splashed around for a couple of minutes, then flew up into the tree above and shook itself dry (tail … wing, wing, tail…wing, wing, tail, head… tail…)

I love watching the birds in my garden.

Birds are so entertaining. You’ve made me want to replace my birdbath! It got broken about two years ago and I never got around to it, but I think I’m going to see about a new one this weekend.

Cool. We don’t have a birdbath, but we have lots of bird feeders. I love watching the little critters, especially the hyper hummingbirds.

Well, yes.

That is the essence of birdbathdom, after all.

Birds are always hilarious. Always. Any kind of bird, too.

I love birds! Endless entertainment!

If you keep the birdbath water clean every day, the birds will come regularly… they love bathing in fresh clean water.

My mum is a vast bird afficionado and had birdbaths a go go in her garden. I can watch them for hours.
Once I was visiting and there was a plumber doing some work for my folks and he was utterly entranced
“Missis, how many of them birds have you got?”
He thought they were pets!!!

Neighborhood kid took a shit in our birdbath, when I was a kid.

. . . and, uh, my cat’s breath smells like cat food.

But seriously. This morning as I sat at my P.C., a brilliant red male cardinal landed on a limb right outside the window and went “burREE burREE burREE”. Then he jumped to a slightly higher limb and went “burREE burREE burREE”. He kept going higher a foot or two at a time, always pausing to say “burREE burREE burREE” (except for twice when he said “burREE burREE burREE burREE” and once when he only said “burREE burREE”. Eventually he went to a taller tree and then an even taller tree, until I could no longer see or hear him.

I wonder what the hell he was talking about.

Yesterday, Blue_Kangaroo and I (and the Weird-Northlets) went to the National Zoo in DC. We saw about 8 sparrows in a puddle, bathing. It rivalled the alligator.

Twickster, thanks for bringing back memories of my Grandmother to me. :slight_smile: She loved birds; she was always throwing breadcrumbs to the birds and had a bird bath in her back yard. I used to “help” her clean the birdbath, which she did at least a couple of times a week - cause those birds definitely used it. lol There’s a picture of me in her backyard, filling up the birdbath with the hose; sometimes I would even scrub it out first (hence the quote marks around help - I think she ended up going behind me to make sure there was no scouring powder left in the bath).

I live in an apartment so don’t have a yard to put out bird feeders or a bath in, but I do enjoy watching the birds, especially early in the morning. I take my coffee onto my patio, read the paper and watch the birds because that’s when they’re at the most active, I think. Last weekend I saw a cardinal and a bluejay along with the regular sparrows and mourning doves that frequent my neighborhood.

Unfortunately, right now birdbaths have fallen out of favor because of the standing water, which is prime breeding ground for mosquitos, carriers of the West Nile disease.

Last week I set up the sprinkler in my flower bed, and when I returned later there was this little sparrow, spalshing and playing in the puddle that had formed. And then, after he had thoroughly bathed, he ran back and forth through the falling water, just like a little kid! It was so cute to watch, and I really regretted having to shut the sprinkler off.

laina_f, cardinals, especially male cardinals, are very terrioritial. He was probably saying “Bugger off, bugger off! Bugger off, Bugger off!”

Then again cardinals have nothing on mockingbirds. Cardinals only attack only birds. Mockingbirds will go after anything when they are breeding. Our neighborhood mockingbird is a bachelor. I feel kinda bad hearing him sing at night, but then again when/if he gets a girl I’ll have to watch my head.

The thing that gets me is watching birds take sand baths. They find a pile of sand and start spalshing and spinning it in, then they shake the sand off and fly away. I’ve always wondered what that’s about.

I can never get used to the use of the word ‘took’ in the context of defication.

But then I suppose those who live on the other side of the pond might have a similar problem with ‘had’.

It’s a birdbatch, NOT a swimming pool!! If you change the water each day, you will NOT have a mosquito breeding problem at all.

In the winter we have a heated birdbath and the birds just drink from it.
But drink from it they do.
Towards spring they begin bathing. Bluejays do this the most. They really like it.

In the summer, we remove the heated birdbath; underneath is a sphere fountain with a sort of platter of water which burbles quietly. Everyone drinks and many bathe, especially robins and bluejays.

Yesterday we had a Sharp Shinned Hawk visit the fountain. That was pretty cool.

‘took’ is pretty stupid in that context, I agree. George Carlin does a bit about it, in fact, something like this:

“I’m going to take a shit.”
“Don’t take one of mine! I’m saving it for the weekend.”

I keep indoor birds,so bird washing day is always fun. The little green one stands under the plant mister spray, and slpashes in a bowl like a sparrow. The little grey one stares blankly at the spray for three minutes, then bobs and flaps like a tethered helicopter trying to catch the water. The big grey stands under the spray and looks as appalled as a Sunday School teacher in a strip club. If you move the spray, he will walk back under it and continue looking appalled.
The green one has a collar on now, so he had to skip his bath last week. Four days later he took the law into his on hands and jumped up and down vigorously in his water dish. He is still wearing a collar, so he could not reach his feathers to preen. An air-dried parrot looks a lot like an upside-down Johnny Rotten.

Heh. For the hawk, a “birdbath” is more like a “buffet table.”
And FTR, cardinals don’t say “bur-REE bur-REE bur-REE,” they say “birrrdybirdybirdybirdybirdy.” :smiley:

This one said “burRee”. Maybe he had a speech defect.