A bit of advice: Don't leave a coffee maker too long without cleaning it.

Otherwise when you open the lid you will get a nice surprise.

The parts that can be removed from mine are currently sitting an a sink of very hot water and fairy liquid. I had to wriggle in disgust a few times whilst digging the hairy stuff out of the filter.

Do systems that have a flow of hot water (in this case the rest of the machine) need cleaning? If so, how?

They sell coffee maker cleaners, usually anywhere you buy other household cleaning supplies, but plain white vinegar works just as well.

I think you’re supposed to dilute it, but I use it staight and it works fine. Just pour white vinegar into the coffee maker and turn it on like you were brewing coffee. I usually run it through twice, then do the same thing with water a few times, until the vinegar smell goes away completely. Hot vinegar does not smell yummy, esp. when brewed with old coffee stains, but it will clean it well.

I run straight white vineager through my machine to get rid of the scaley build up and general cleaning.

But, I know what you mean about the " Uh…I left the grounds in there…like two weeks since my last pot of coffee…and urrrrrgh!"

Next time I leave it longer than I did I’ll try the vinegar tip… But I needed coffee. I’m drinking some from it now… tasty… no hairy stuff in it.

What is “fairy liquid”? :confused:

For hands that do dishes are as soft as you like, with mild green… fairy liquid.

(It’s a brand of dishwasing liquid in the UK. I probably got the above line wrong)

Two different problems:

Vinegar deals with scale from minerals being left behind as the water boils.

As for Science Experiments growing in old forgotten grounds … hot water, soap, and maybe some bleach if you got a good colony growing on non-disposable parts.

In any case, rinse like mad; neither bleach nor vinegar makes for good coffee.

Ah, ok. Heh, my brother-in-law once purloined some coffee while my husband and I were on vacation, from our private pot, (he picked the lock to get in) that I forgot to empty before we left. It was probably about five days old when he stole it, and likely almost ready to dominate the world when he cruelly cut short it’s new life. He had the trots for days too. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person IMO.

He didn’t steal anything other than chips, soda, and he used our computer and played it for 16 hours straight, we had a game he didn’t, his computer at the time wouldn’t run it. (He’s exceedingly rude to me, and hates his brother, my husband. Plus, he’s a convicted shoplifter, so I’d not loan him anything I’d want back, and he knows it.) He was pretty stupid about it too, because I had a program that logged the computer’s usage, and could prove that someone had been on the computer for 16 hours at a time when we were hours away, and that they’d named their save “<hisname>don’tforgettodeletethisfool”. I figured the days of stomach aches, nausea, and trots were enough punishment. It was great fun to say “Well, that’s what you get for drinking five day old coffee that wasn’t even yours to begin with!” to him when he complained he wasn’t feeling well in my earshot. The look on his face, “Oh crap, BUSTED!”. :smiley: