Cleaning Coffee Makers

How do you clean a coffee maker?

Other than the obvious soap and water on the pot and the grounds-holder, and assuming it is an ordinary drip coffeemaker:

Run a solution of 1 part distilled white vinegar to 3 parts water through the machine. In other words, pour the solution into the water-holder and let the macine “brew.” You will smell the lovely hot-vinegar odor!

If this is the first time the machine has been cleaned in a while, do another run with the solution.

Then run plain water through to “rinse.”

That’s it! They make fancy expensive cleaning fluids, but all they are are mild acids. The vinegar is a mild acid, too, and works just as well.

Green Bean is absolutely right. Vinegar is the best cleaner to use.

You read the instructions!

If they steam, its time to clean.