A bottomless Water Pit?

Is there really a bottomless water pit called the ‘Blue hole’ in Castalia, Ohio?

I did a google search and can find some cites that only mention personal experiences or passed down stories. I found some pictures but nothing with solid scientific facts.

Is the ‘Blue Hole’ just an old legend or is there really some scientific mystique surrounding it?

There is such a place. But it isn’t bottomless.

Is there really a bottomless water pit?

Sorry to be snarky… but seriously, what do you think? “Bottomless” is what? It goes right down to the Earth’s core? It goes right through the Earth and out the other side? Apply a bit of logic and scientific analysis of the plausibility and consequences. And see here, where there’s a photograph of the bottom.

Well, Mr. Snarky, …(LOL)

Come on now,…I never assumed it really WAS bottomless. Just curious as to the depth and the cause or creation.

I just re-read my opening statement, sorry!

Anyway, I can’t find a cite anywhere that actually lists it depth or theories on how it was created.

Any clues?