A burglary mystery

Mr. I. M. Rich, wealthy financier, is beside himself about the theft of $73,000 in negotiable securities from a safe in the den of his palatial mansion. The police don’t seem to find fingerprints–obviously Mr. Rich was hit by a professional safecracker and burglar.
In any case, the police note:

  1. A faint trace of an odd red clay here and there between the safe and the service entrance.
  2. Some green smears, much like a Magic Marker, on the outlet where the safecracker may have plugged a drill, a lamp, or some other electrical device.
  3. A sweet, sickly odor near the safe dial.
  4. Some careless smears on the outside of three panes of glass on the service-entrance door. (The door hardware showed no visible jimmy marks.)
    The investigators tell Mr. Rich about what they found. Being a smart cookie himself, the financier suggests to the detective that…

the perpetrator might have had antifreeze on his hands, when he plugged in the cord at the outlet, and handled the safe combination lock. Antifreeze, being green in color and somewhat sickly sweet in scent, might easily soak into sheetrock or plaster, but wouldn’t dry on a hard metal surface so easily.

Taking note of the clay, our wealthy financier . . .

Col Mustard killed Mrs White in the Billiards Room with the candlestick!!

**Taking note of the clay, our wealthy financier . . . **
Asked, “Isn’t there some heavy excavation down by Torpid Ranch Road–just off Highway 2?”
The detective considered this, and called the operations office of the county highway department, and a friend of his who taught geology at a local college. He found out that…

check to see if glass was removed from the door and replaced - fresh putty, etc.

Mr. Rich’s caretaker examined the smears, which did not appear anywhere but on the three panes of glass, on the outside. He concluded, and pointed out to the detective, that the smears were not putty, but something one notices, by sight or smell, on his person when he hasn’t bathed much. How such shmutz got on the windowpanes was something of a puzzler.