A&C channel morons

So I’m watching A&E because I am too lazy to find the remote and change the channel, and UFO files comes on, and they are doing Nazi UFOs. I’m all down for foolish tv once and a while So I settle in to watch.

OK, they cover the early research the Nazi were doing towards different aircraft, they cover that spiffy flying wing, dip lightly into the jet research then they segue into the flying disc part of the research.

I’m sorry, NO it isn’t a UFO, it is an experimental Nazi nontypical intra-atmospheric aircraft. It is NOT an ‘Unidentified flying object’ as we know what it is. It has nothing to do with going out of the atmosphere … they were coming up with advanced flying craft that would give them some sort of edge over the allied aircraft.

I’m happy that someone actually found some apparent footage of some tests, and some footage of american tests of similar aircraft, but sweet jumping jebus, it is NOT a UFO… we KNOW what they are as we MADE the damned things …

And for the record, back in the early 80s I did see a UFO. I am pretty certain it was a meteorite flaming in for a hit, but I never bothered trying to see if it was so I could claim to have seen a no shit unidentified flying object of extra terrestrial origin [if I had ID it as a meteorite, then it wouldnt be unidentified, now, would it :D]

I don’t think the point of shows like this isn’t to prove that “X built UFO’s” but rather that people were looking into the production of saucer like objects that could actually fly. This of course “proves” that UFO’s exist, since if we can make them so can “the aliens”. Of course this idea too is completely ridiculous. :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

My point is that they are not UFOs, they are a specific type of aircraft, not interstellar craft made from alien tech … or designed to go out of the earths orbit into space, so they should not be called UFOs by the documentarian. I will grant calling them flying saucers, or flying discs, as they were more or less saucer/disc shaped [except for the out and out flying wings] but unidentified? Not hardly.