Was the sea-gull winged plane in Raiders of the Lost Ark a real plane?

Inspired by the movie, but a factual question, so here we are in GQ.

When Indy and Marion are trying to escape from the archaeological dig there’s an extended sequence with them fooling around with a Nazi plane.

As far as I can tell, the wings aren’t straight. They’re long and bent up like a seagull’s wings. Also, there’s no real fuselage. It’s more like a flying wing type design.

So, was this a real German plane, or something just made up for the movie?

The Nazis did experiment with flying wing designs, but the plane in the movie is fake.

If you’ll accept a wiki as a cite, it’s the fictional BV-38 Flying Wing:

Hitler did have some advanced aircraft late in the war, including a stealth bomber that didn’t get built. Until recently…

Even if inspired by real experimental designs, the one in the movie is clearly fake. When they are fighting underneath it, you can plainly see that the wheels are chain driven. Plus when Indy pulls himself up by the gun barrel, it totally flexes in an unnatural way.