Are these "Wolfenstein" jets for real?

Potential “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” SPOILERS, if it’s an issue.

In the FPS game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein,” the player at one point encounters a couple of hi-tech prototype aircraft at a Luftwaffe base. this is the first, this is the second.

Now, obviously, I’d assume at first that the game’s creators just made up some “scary Luftwaffe prototypes” from whole cloth, just to plug in as scenery…but, later on in the game, you encounter an aircraft clearly modeled after the Bachem “Natter” rocket plane. And that leaves me to wonder…are the other two “mystery planes” in the game modeled after actual, if unbuilt, WWII designs? And, if so, which ones?
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Just from appearances, I think it’s quite clear the second is a combo of the F-117 and the B-2

The first seems familiar, I’ll see if I can place it.

Luftwaffe 46 is the place to go. It’s got profiles of every mad, bad & dangerous to know prototype the Luftwaffe ever dreamed of, jet-propelled or otherwise.