A call out to Mac Farlane Toys concerning the SDMB

Ok, Mac… let’s have em!
Official Straight Dope Action figures! complete with accessories.

Collect them all:
Slug Signorino slug figure with flowing slime trail. No salt please.

Cecil Adams turkey figure with interchangeable mortar cap weaponry and kung-fu action turkey wings

Wally M7 with razop sharp wit-sword and troll-ass-kicking spring action leg!

Ed Zotti figure with, well I don’t know what he includes. Any suggestions?

Tubadiva figure including sound barrier busting tuba!

and many more! Coming soon to a collictibles store near you!

It’s McFarlane Toys, not the other way.

What about an Ambiguously Gay Duo rip off, featuring matt_mcl and Exprix? They can get some cool accessories and tools of the trade…

Coldfire, complete with a beer and a felching straw!

I shudder to think what I would be included with, but I am fairly certain it would only be sold in Adult novelty shops :wink:

Friend of mine used to work for McFarlane studios designing action figures, he works for ArtAsylum now instead, I think you just gave him an idea MSK! Great job! I’m gonna get him on the board and see if he can mock up anything, he’s crazy like that.

How about an SDMB Celebrity Death Match! That’s something I wanna see. Right out of the pit, or GD, and into the ring! Claymation, no holds barred!

A ChiefScott action figure with 3 different button activated smiles and a snazzy little sailor suit.

Mark Serlin Doll,

Interchangable heads and sockpuppets.

a Shayna doll, looks a lot like Ginger, only witty and intelligent as well.

Dont forget the Byzantine doll, complete with burnt out hippie clothes, mood ring and '68 volkswagen van.

(see the Pit for details)

Soulsling doll- in cheesy 70’s disco pimp gear and a “Little something for ladies”. extra slease sold in jars :wink:

Sounds like “Boogie Nights” to me, lol.

Hey John, does the soulsling doll get a gene simmons tongue as well?

Soulsling, your as optimistic as you are shameless.

you rock :wink:
MSK- it does sound like Boogie Nights!! (but I aint saying who gets to be rollergirl!!! hmmmmm… heather Graham…)

How about Sunshine and her Super Wet Cleavage. Complete with black see-through shirt.

And of course DRY with extendo arm, to put around all the ladies who love his Shakesperean(sp?) quotes.

Hmmm…I’m cool with that. Except what would the cleavage do? Press a button on the back for “heaving bosom action”?

And of course, there’d be the ChrisP Captain MegaFlirt doll, complete with 1,000,000,000 different pre-recorded flattering statements in varying accents, special left-eye winking action and spring loaded ass-grabbing arm! (Cape and orange jockstrap included. Captain MegaFlirt SexyCar and Various Hot Tub BabeDolls sold seperately).

Hey, the soulsling doll and the sunshine doll can link together to cause some heaving cleavage/super tongue action… maybe?
…was worth a try…

Hmmm…I would come with little silicone breast implants, tattoos, a bunch of cats, and a little scalpel blade to perform neuters. And I will be dressed in hosptial scrubs.

Sweet, my doll, um action figure kicks ass. It is always good to know that I am that highly thought of.


soul, [Homer voice]…mmmm…cheesy 70’s disco pimp gear…mmmm…super tongue action…[/Homer voice]

And ChrisP…you’re definitely more of an action figure than just a doll! You have moves. :wink:
However, your action figure doesn’t kick ass, he grabs ass–he’s a lover, not a fighter!

That’s not my arm.

Sorry. :smiley:

All action figures need enemies:

How about the Trolls of Doom featuring Lindsay Lawless(comes with many GAP outfits… kinda like a superficial babrie doll only ass crack ugly) and Serlin the Squick (complete with power drill and I like the interchangeable heads idea.)

…I do not think I am know well enough here to have my own action figure yet.

I’m coming up with the Ideas,

but soul gets the attention from Sunshine! whats going on?
Or will I have to put on the speedo’s and do some flirting?