A call out to Mac Farlane Toys concerning the SDMB

John, a little lesson in extremely shameful flirting. No holds barred. Use your tongue as often as possible. Compliment the ladies of the board, they deserve it, they are wonderful, intelligent, and incr-edible-y, lusciously, delicious women.

Easy, isn’t it?

sunshine, you can yank on my tongue anytime. And by the way, I do believe my 70’s pimpin clothes come off to reveal some controversial nekkid soulsling parts. Those are not detachable, but they are movable. play to your hearts desire

[sup]Remember kids, share your toys.[/sup]

Sunshine, My Figure has a Kung-Fu grip and knows how to use it…

NO John, try this.

[sup]The following is actually by JohnLarrigan[/sup]
sunshine you sweet beautiful woman. My ACTION figure is full of HANDY little kung-fu grips that can mold and soothe your tender and supple frame to your hearts desire. Care to form a super action figure link up?

[sub]…we now return back to soulsling[/sub]

See, that’s how it’s done my friend. Of course, you might have to ask DRY for the helpful Shakespearian quotes that can actually get you laid. I’m just a flirt.

I’m picturing nice little convoluted gray lobes, all lined up in shining glass vessels…

Nah, I rely on my stunning personality to get laid… not cheesy old oneliners…

come to think of it… I think I’ll take Soulslings approach.

courtesy to ssskuggiii, I believe her SUPER action figure would be: Tall leggy, busty blonde woman in a short skirt with knee high boots with super stomping action, Heaving cleavage button.

I will go no further and not mention the wetting of the t-shirt nipple hardening action. It’s a surprise part of the action figure.

mmmm…JohnLarrigan, tell me more about what your hunky Kung Fu grip can do to my tender and supple frame…I’ll bet you’ve got some moving parts I’d love to see!

::: batting eyelashes and smiling coyly :::
p.s. NO SPEEDOS. Unless you’re an Olympic swimmer. :wink:

::go John, go John, you can do it, go John…::

soul…dare I ask you what my action figure would be? batting eyelashes

Hey, Cyrano…Larrigan needs some more help here.

Or you could just show me some of those naughty nekkid soulsling bits…

Oh Sunshine. If only I could find the words to describe what it can do… touch is worth so much more than words can ever be…

Soulsling- turn on your yahoo messenger.


Oh, Sunshine, my hunky Kung-Fu grip can teach your muscles the finer points of orgasmic titillation, and soothe your supple frame into a blissful venture of serene yet white light blinding ecstasy.

:[sup]back again to soulsling[/sup]:
Falcon, your action doll would have to be the “Seductress Sorceress Falcon” doll. Clad in tight black leather, and equipped with cat-o-nine tails whip, her automated batting eyelashes sparkle and lure any man to please her fancies. She links up with the “Sunshine” and “Shayna” and “ssskuggiii” dolls to form the Ultimate “WOMAN OF POWER” doll. Battery operated of course.

Soulsling, this isnt a readers letters section of Penthouse!

sorry, pressed enter too early.
Ah, shameless flirting isnt my forte. I’m much better face to face over a pint.

of course, you have to remember that Sunshine Falcon and ssskugiii come with the mud wrestling pit of power…

::: swoon :::

Oh, JohnLarrigansup[/sup], you are almost too much for my delicate sensibilities! Perhaps we Women of Power could drag both you and soulsling into our mud pit and demonstrate just what our combined womanly powers are capable of?

Ahhh…if only we would use our powers for niceness instead of evil!

Then of course, Captain MegaFlirt would have to step in and lend his services…(whetever they may be)

<bravely steps forth to offer his services in Captain MegaFlirt’s place>

My action figure can become complementary to any other action figures present. Since the Women of Power are evil, I’ll just have to be good…really good…
<manifests Simmonsesque supertongue, and other useful accessories for goodness>

Man, I’d love to have my own action figure. But I have no clue about what she’d be like. All I can think of is: fully posable; with a tear-away bodice on the authentic 12th century milk maid costume. And probably a whole assortment of outfits suitable for every and any fantasy…oh, and big, pouty lips and a ‘come hither’ look in her eyes. Can action figures have a ‘come hither’ look? shrugs
Assistance, anyone?