A Capella Choir covers Rammstein "Du Hast"

I don’t have much to add except love. Love. LOVE

Viva Vox Choir - Du Hast

I’m sharing this with EVERYONE I know. Brilliant!

Ohhhh, YES. The guy singing Till’s part has such a great voice for this song. Excellent stuff. :smiley:

I’m always in awe of a capella choirs, but to do something like Rammstein, especially a more electronic-heavy piece like Du Hast. My jaw dropped. I love it so hard, I think I want to have its babies.

Good stuff. Du Hast is a lousy choice for A Capella, given the heavy focus on loud, distorted guitars, which just makes this piece all the better for doing it so well. Some of their other stuff is pretty good, too. They do a wonderful job varying the volume of their songs, something that many A Capella choirs miss out on. They’re very tight and rehearsed, so much so that it makes me think of barbershop quartet.

If I may plug my own a cappella choir, we actually did a cover of “Engel” which I’m quite fond of:

Fabulous Fridays - Engel

This is from a competition, so sound and picture quality could be better. We recorded a CD version of that arrangement that sounds a bit more like Rammstein in places.

Wow, just wow. That was so good.

Pitchmeister I really like your Engel as well.

The Du Hast is amazing, usually when you hear a capella stuff they just concentrate on the vocal lines

Reminds me of “Still Alive” from Portan sung by kids.

Still Alive sung by children

Fan-freaking-TASTIC! Thanks for sharing this with us all!

They do several other songs, including Toto’s Africa and Rosanna!

That’s pretty fucking awesome.

Good stuff. The original Rammstein song was on the soundtrack of The Matrix. I have it on my iPod.