Let us share the love for Rammstein!

I have no clue where I saw the video for “Du Hast” but one playing of that and I was hooked! After seeing a couple of live videos, esp where Til comes up on stage wearing a chain mail jacket that was ON FIRE…whoa, Nelly!

Anyone else?

Yup, I’ve got all their albums on my iPod!

Moskau and Model would top my list.

I, also, have all their albums. I first got into these guys back in high school, back when Du Hast had just come out. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. I especially love the Mutter album. My favorite song is Spieluhr.

I have everything in original cd and dvd with the exception of Schteil … the limited release cd from the Moscow Harley-Davidson party which is available as an audio on youtube. I have the collectors editions of both Lichtspielhaus and Volkerball bought from germany before american release=)

Why yes, I loves me some Rammstein.

My first exposure was Live aus Berlin. What is not to like about athletic half dressed german hunks running around onstage=)

Rammstein is excellent, except when they try to sing a slow song. And the English versions don’t hold up, the lyrics are honestly pretty simple and sound much better in German. If you like Rammstein you’re probably better off not looking up the translations. :rolleyes:

The video for “Sonne” is one of my favorite videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfHlA3fmJG0

“Du Riechst So Gut” is pretty good too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXsKWi9FIjY

I remember jarbabyj/tiny ham being a HUGE Rammstein fan. She’s where I first heard about them. Her lust for Til was perhaps matched only by that for Urlacher.

I like Rammstein, I like dancing to them too, but I must confess, I liked them better when they were called Laibach.

I’m not exactly a Rammstein fan, but I thought you all might enjoy this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCEZ2m9o7vc&feature=related :smiley:

They are 2 different groups … :dubious:

It’s hard to take the “flamethrower band” seriously, but “Du Hast” is funny in an angry whiny German way.

RAMM. STEIN. Ein Mensch brennt.

I love me some Rammstein. I’ve had some success converting my friends into fans, too. Usually I show them the “Bück dich” performance from Live Aus Berlin and watch their eyes bug. Although the video for “Mann Gegen Mann” is at least as shocking – its definitely one of those things you’d frantically cover with your hand if your mom walked in and catch you watching it. It’s one of my dreams to see them live in Germany.

And yeah, Till is pretty sexy, but hasn’t he been married like four times? Five?

I really like Engel.

There’s only one band that really understands how much more awesome everything is when it’s on fire.

I love metal that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Rammstein sings about seriously cracked shit, but you can tell they’re having fun. Also - FIRE.

(my favorite songs are Feuer Frei and Links 123. So fun.)


My friend Derek and I made the mistake of finding a live performance of “Buck Dich” on youTube when we were at work. You’ve never seen two people trying to smack the mouse hard and fast enough to get away from the page.:eek:

I’m a big fan of the band too. Like most people I became a fan after listening to Du Hast. I love their slower songs (Nebel, Ohne Dich etc) as well as their heavier songs (Ich Will, Links 2 3 4, Mein Teil etc).

Till’s voice is absolutely fantastic. If I’m walking alone somewhere on a dark night and I hear that voice, I think it’d be enough to make me piss my pants in fright (even if its something like “Please, could you tell me what time it is …”).

Till actually has a great speaking voice, if you get a chance, listen to his interview for the making of Sonne on lichtspeilhaus, or in the extra features for live aus Berlin.

Id be happy to listen to him reading the phone book for Schwerin … but I would KILL for him turning his book of poetry into an audiobook…

My first exposure? Bestrafe Mich from Live aus Berlin…holy shit, that body …

Yeah, I’d be flailing and running for my life too :eek:

The Amerika video is one of the funniest I’ve ever seen. Awesome song, too.

I saw them live in St. Louis in 2000 or 2001. . .at a relatively small venue. It was pretty intense, and a lot of fun.

When the show started, the whole band was wearing weird costumes, lab coats, stuff like that. Till came out with a mostly shaved head and a big mohawk. He looked a little bit greasy (as in excessively sweaty or something). Towards the end of the first or second song, I don’t remember what happened exactly, but Till got set on fire. His shirt, the bald skin on his head, engulfed in flames. He stumbled around for a few seconds (which felt like forever) before collapsing to the stage as a bunch of roadies ran up with fire extinguishers, first aid, etc. The crowd was uneasy for a minute or two, then Till stood up, sans prosthetic mohawk/bald mask, and went right into the next song. That was pretty shocking. Most of us had seen the chainmail firesuit and other stunts, but we didn’t expect a fakeout “accident.” The rest of the show was an orgy of metal, flame, and intense heat in, as I mentioned before, a pretty small, confined space. This was years before the Great White club disaster. Definitely a memorable show, and I’ve wished they would do another U.S. tour, but for some reason it seems like they’re boycotting us :slight_smile: .