Horrible and bizarre German music videos

In a tangent to this thread, I revealed the glory of “Uwu Lena - Schland O Schland” to the international public. I was urged to start a thread about this subject by 2square4u (btw., he sometimes shows masochistic tendencies ;)) and I warned him, but okay, 2square4u, eat this:

“Die Wanne ist voll”

No, I won’t give any cultural context other than that these were the seventies in Germany. I was ten when this was made. I remember. Sob…

Can anybody top this? (note: it has to be German)

I was all ready for some awesomeness but when I clicked on the link it said this.


Unfortunately we do not grant access to Clipfish from your country. Be sure to check us out on your next trip to Germany."

I’m in USA.

Oh dang, this may destroy the thread. I thought that these restrictions would only work from the U.S to Germany, not the other way. Sorry. I’ll try to provide a different link.

All right, please try this.

You know you’re gonna get us both in a world of shit, right, Hundele?:slight_smile:

Okay, whatever.:slight_smile:

Here is my contribution:

I looked for “Hurtz”, but couldn’t find a good version of it.:rolleyes:


This one does work. I really like her pants and his bathing suit.

The worst, most cliché-stormed music video ever can be found here. It will never be equalled in the history of rock 'n roll.

Hammerfall does happen to be German. Coincidence ?

Disregard that - I looked them up on a lark and despite what I always thought they’re actually from southern Sweden.

Which is very close to Germany. I’m just sayin’.

Fine. Could a mod be so kind to fix the non-working link in the OP?

A couple of years ago in a thread about horrible songs someone posted a link to the video for Sin With Sebastian’s “Shut Up (and Sleep With Me)”. It is truly one of the most obnoxious songs I’ve ever heard. The video is more garish than bizarre, except for that teddy bear in the jar. :confused: Oh, and fair warning it’s maybe a little racy to be watching at work, although no more so than plenty of other music videos.

Anyway, here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkeKen39fuk

It strikes me now that the singer looks like a glam version of Abed from Community.

Not even half as bad as these disturbing videos from Germany.


I knew that DJ Ötzi would be contributed (technically, he’s Austrian, but everything of German tongue counts in this thread), but he can even better/worse (and in a way the Yanks can understand ;)): “Burger Dance”. Enjoy. (btw., I’m glad at least he’s Austrian)

“Hutz” is worth a thread of its own, if this would be a German board. But I can tell you, this was prank, a brilliant prank, and a legendary to boot.

“Vould you like to touch my monkey?”

Swapped in a better link provided by the OP.

We’ll start with some really good Zeppelin

We Germans
The Crackers- Classtrip to Titisee
Black or White
Hip Hop
Ding Dong

This video gave Attackdog nightmares.

Are we sure that he isn’t Don Cherry?
I miss Sprockets.

From the Rodgau Monotones:

The Hessians are coming!

Hello, I’m Herman.

I’ve always felt like the German State of Hesse is comparable to Ohio.
“All Ame4ricans come from Ohio, originally. If only briefly.” ~Dawn Powell.

I don’t get it. Either I’m jaded, or they aren’t shocking.

I never said they were shocking. Most people misconceptualize Germany as Berlin. That’s like mistaking the United States with New York… or Eugene, OR.