Bizarre Video of the Month Club

I just signed up for Sony’s Bizarre Video of the Month Club[sup]tm*[/sup], and here’s the first installment:
Warning: has some NSFW imagery**
The Fantastic Four: Gebt uns ruhig die Schuld (den Rest könnt ihr behalten)

Those wacky Germans!

I just made this up; not sure if there’s really a Sony Bizarre Video of the Month Club… but there should be!

Great video - I love Die Fantastischen View. You could follow up with Die Antwoord - Zef side!

Okay, staying with the German rap theme (this song is not rap, but the guy who does it got his start as a rap artist), I offer you:

Sido: Sie bleibt

This one isn’t really NSFW and it’s probably more strange than bizarre. I can’t imagine it getting much airplay or at least some outcry if it ran in the USA.

Saw this early this morning and thought I might have been dreaming:

MGMT - Flash Delirium

You may not want to watch this right before going to sleep.

That was hilarious! I have no idea what they were singing (is there a translation somewhere?) I especially liked the scene where the girl pulls up her sweater and her boobs and navel sing to us, and the scene where the guy pulls his speedo down and that weird puppet pops out.

Does the video have anything to do with the song?

Orbital: Halcyon