Sorry if a similar thread had been done (I don’t know of one), so I was just wondering if there are any R+ fans here. Any favourite songs? Favourite filmclips? For non-German speakers, does the language used affect your enjoyment or otherwise of their songs?

Just to get the ball rolling, (some of) my favourite R+ songs are: Engel, Spieluhr, Reise Reise, Rosenrot, Zerstören, Mehr, Nebel…

In general, I’m not a metal fan, but I do own a wide variety of music (as I tell people, ‘Enya to Rammstein’). OTOH, it has been a few years since I’ve had any money to spend on music.

I own SehnSucht, and consider it a very good album. Don’t really know about any of their other work, but if or when the day comes and I can start collecting again, they are on my short list.

They have one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.

I love the video where they’re in a club and the stripper with a snake around her neck puts her foot in the blond guy’s mouth. I think it might be the Engel video. Every time I see that I think, “Eww! Stripper foot!”

I also really like the Sonne video. Do you think the drugs killed Snow White or the apple? My friend and I had a big argument about that. Although now I can’t remember which side I was arguing on. Looking at it again, I think the drugs killed her.

[Google “Rammstein Sonne” (can’t link directly to it–slightly NSFW due to rear nudity)]

Who the heck are the 13 people who disliked this video?!

I’m more of a Skinny Puppy / Ministry type listener, but you might like them…

Maybe those clever people who think because Rammstein are German, they must be Nazis? Youtube is full of those comments. :rolleyes:

You’re right, **QuarkChild **, it is an amazing clip, and not without humour. :slight_smile:

Love them, and I agree they put on one hell of stage show, I caught them at the Garden this past December.The Engel flame wings are amazing.

I love the entire [euro VHS] Live Aus Berlin concert video [it has Buch Dich, which is cut off the American release] though I also have the american release DVD.

If you snurfle around youtube, someone uploaded Schtil

I used to listen to Rammstein in high school to get pumped up before rugby games. My favorite Rammstein song is Tier. (Beast.)

If nothing else, they have some of the best produced music videos out there.

I love Ohne Dich!

For those not in the know or are curious it’s their ballad/non death metal sound-y song and it’s a doozy. Full of tons of emotion. I love it.

Got their Reise, Reise: I chose that one because it’s the one which has my favorite songs.

I prefer being able to understand a song’s lyrics, but once I assume that I simply can’t, I then prefer not to go looking for them: every single time someone has asked me to translate his favorite English-language song their response to the translation has been :eek: (why are there so many super-energetic songs with super-horrible wifebeater lyrics?). My German is good enough to get the gist of most of their lyrics, but not to understand them completely. Littlebro was pretty angry when he told me that “Ohne Dich is not about what you think it is” and it turned out that I did know what it was about, thus spoiling his revelation: it was not about what he had thought, but I do happen to know some German.
A few years ago, I was in a project in Costa Rica; we were all Spaniards and for the second half of the project I was the only woman in our team. One day we were driving home and the boss told the driver to “shut off that damn flamenco, I’m sick of it” - I offered one of my CDs of mp3s, as I was carrying two of them. “What do you have?” “It’s your choice of the ‘all in Spanish CD’ or the ‘wake up CD’” “Hah, bet her idea of wake up music is Alejandro Sanz! Let’s have that one.”

They were laughing hard as they stuck the CD in. I laughed harder when Reise, Reise started up, followed by Miña Terra Galega (Spanish punk rock cover of Sweet home Alabama), some Mago de Oz…

Yeah, amazing song. Another ‘ballad/non death metal sound-y’ song of theirs is Nebel. One of their most under-rated songs, IMO.

To quote a newspaper review: “Rammstein might not be the most sophisticated band there is, but who doesn’t like the smell of napalm in the evening air”.

You are not alone.

Love the vocals, same reason I like E Nomine. Men who sound like men!

I also like music sung in other languages. The voice really becomes another instrument. You’re not scrutinizing the lyrics. I don’t speak ‘guitar’ or ‘drums’ and when ‘voice’ becomes like that I love it.

I think this is the video that got me into them. :slight_smile:

I used to listen to them a lot, don’t know why I don’t anymore… maybe I’ll start again.
I liked heirate mich; and absolutely loved feuer frei when they did that live at the start of their concert.
I speak a little german, and I have to say I like their german songs better.(especially Du hast, I really disliked the translated version)

Rammstein makes some great music and neat videos. They have recorded some of their songs in English, which I don’t like as much. The vocals need to be in German, just sounds better.

I have 3 of their cd’s and gave one as a gift. I still like them, just not as much as I did 10 years ago. It’s the type of music that blocks outside distractions for me and I can work twice as fast.

A friend of mine works at Madison Square Garden and has for a very long time - let’s just say she has seen every show there for about two decades or so.

Even though she is no big fan of the group, she told me that Rammstein had probably the best show she has ever seen in MSG.

Coming from her, that says a lot.

I have to admit that [other than the fucking scalping companies buying all the gimp seats within minutes of ordering going live] MSG handles gimps well - I had no issue getting in, to the gimp elevator and up to the proper level, I think mrAru and I got to our seats faster than any other venue ever. The morons standing in front of our seats should die in a fire, but it was one of the best concerts I have ever been to.

Though the poor elevator lady looked bored out of her mind when we left just before the end of the last song to beat the rusn =)