Oh, jaaaaaarbabyyyyy?

Hiya. It’s me, Kaltfeuer.

Ya know where I’m going Wednesday night? Huh? Well, guess!

That’s right.

RAMMSTEIN, baby. :smiley:

Don’t worry, I’ll be thinking of you, from 20:00 CET onwards, in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. Heh. :wink:

You are a cruel, cruel man. Do me.

Damn. Are all you mods cold hearted teases?

Where can I get one of my very own?


FYI, She’s out for a hot night o’ Italian food and Lovin’ as it is her 7th Anniversary in case you were just sitting here by the computer waiting to see her reply:)

Mr. Ike: Rammstein is an old bavarian castle turned into an S&M dungeon for “adventurous” tourists. Have a good time Coldfire but be careful with the nipple clamps.

Or they’re a German metal band named for a horrific accident at an Airshow at Ramstein Air Base in 1988 that killed about 80 spectators. FWIW Ramstein AFB is not in Bavaria, it’s near Saarbrucken.

And just* how *do you know that, Arnold?

I believe that’s the dungeon they use to train and initiate the mods.

Mr. Ike obviously has an interesting weekend still in his future… :wink:

Ye Gads. Those Swiss guys keep amazing me. It must get pretty lonely up in the mountains. :smiley:

MikeG, no worries, I was happily asleep. I’m sure miss jarbaby will see this thread in due time, because I’m pretty sure she starts her SDMB day by searching MPSIMS for the words “Rammstein”, “nipple clamps”, “hot night”, and “Lovin’”. :wink:

Your own what? Moderator, or cold hearted tease?

I’m sweating.


Please wave to Till for me, won’t you? and pick out some nice prostitutes for him while he’s there? He’s earned it.

Have fun Coldy, please do think of me when they sing “Stripped”

god. I’m jealous

And “welder”. You know, just in case somebody’s seen him.

Both? Either? Aren’t they the same thing?

Could be. Whatcha got in mind?

Now you are demonstrating your cold-heartedness by teasing me, aren’t you?