A Cat Litter Question

Like most cat owners, I scoop out my cats’ litter box daily. Generally, I use the plastic bags I get from the grocery store simply because I don’t have any other ideas. However, I realize that it is both bad for the environment and dependent on how often I buy groceries.

So what do you scoop your litter into? I’m especially wondering about places like San Francisco where they don’t have the plastic grocery bags (as I understand it). And, in this case, was necessity the mother of invention?

I use a bit of newspaper, wrap it up, done.

I usually buy my litter in those plastic bins with lids. I scoop the used litter into that until it’s full, then throw it out.

You could try the aptly named “World’s Best Cat Litter,” which is flushable, and pretty dreamy, as cat litters go.

When I can’t get that, I resort to putting the scoopings into plastic grocery bags. The newspaper idea sounds good, if you get newspapers.

I use plastic grocery bags. I figure it’s “reduce, reuse, recycle”, right? However, it does suck to stand out in the cold garage at six in the morning flapping them around to find one without a hole in it.

I also use plastic grocery bags.


Oh, and this Omega Roll 'n Clean litter box

Those plastic bags break down pretty fast, sure they may leave chemicals behind but they’re in landfills and it’s not like they’d be the only bad things there.

Yeah, I use the plastic bags, too and I had to be able to justify it go myself. No one tell me otherwise! covers ears la la la la, I can’t hear you!

(Bolding added.) I just double-bag it. I figure the holes aren’t likely to line up (at least not the way I do it) and even if they do, the stuff won’t work through fast enough to get free before it’s in the bin.

The plastic bags, unless I have anything else that I can use in a timely fashion. For instance, if the regular trash can in the kitchen is almost full, I’ll dump it in there and toss the whole shebang out.

I forgot to add that I also use bags that cat litter or pet food came in to empty the litter boxes into. They are usually sturdy because they initially held clean litter or dry food.

The toilet. I buy the flushable kind.

I asked about this over at Giraffe’s board recently and was told that flushable litter may well cause plumbing problems. It might take awhile, but there’s a good possibility of buildup leading to a clog.

I use Arm & Hammer Natural. It’s made from corn. It doesn’t clump as well as the other stuff, but it doesn’t weigh as much either – it’s amazingly light. I suspect it’ll degrade more quickly than the other stuff, even in a plastic bag.

Ziplock bags that previously held half an onion or the like. If they are clean but they smell like food, they go into the “cat crap” pile to be used later.

We use the plastic wrappers that our daily newspaper is delivered in.

I use the paper bags like used for lunch bags. They are cheap and I figure they have to be better in a landfill than plastic. And since I usually take reusable bags with me to the grocery store, I don’t have many of the plastic grocery bags anymore.

I’m still using grocery bags, too. I got a couple of those fabric grocery bags, but I don’t like them, so I think I’ll just go back to getting plastic bags and re-using them. Newspaper, eh? I’ll have to give that a go.

Scoop daily? We have two cats and three boxes, and they get scooped weekly. The cats don’t seem to mind (well, if they do, they don’t tell me :slight_smile: ).

There’s this thing called a Litter Locker that I have. I like to use it, but the bag refills are like $10. It still uses plastic, but less of it as it uses one long tubular bag and you cut it and tie it off when it gets hard to turn the wheel. It’s hard to describe, but I liked it. I hate the fact the bags are so expensive. The scooper that comes with it is too small, so I use a larger scooper.

I only have one box and, since I live in a one bedroom apartment, if I go more than two days without scooping, it becomes pretty obvious. I really don’t want to be the guy whose apartment smells like cat crap.

Three cats, three litter boxes and if they’re not cleaned daily, we ALL know it.