"A child in charge of six babies"



I’m not gonna cry or anything, but… aw.


well, at least it has a happy ending …

My god, I’m glad they’re ok, but why were they wandering alone? If they were evacuated by helicopter, why wasn’t an adult with them? Did the helicopter just drop them off and leave them in the middle of the road with no adult supervision after telling their mothers they’d get them to safety? WTF? :confused:

It never ceases to amaze me, the things such young children are capable of. I always find those the most heartwrenching stories - like the kids who take care of their baby brother when the mother passes away and no one knows about it. 6 years old, and kept track of 6 younger children successfully. Pretty damn amazing.

This is actually the big WTF? :confused:

Was this the day of Bush’s visit that grounded air traffic for two hours?

Well, I am.


:o be nice ;j

Wow, I will admit to holding back tears at the reading of that.
Deamonte Love; what an incredible 6 year old.
I can’t imagine how he kept them all together.

Be nice?

Why, pray tell, is President Bush so important that his presence should suspend life saving operations that may save dozens or even hundreds of lives? Hmm?

I’d say how I really felt, but this isn’t the Pit.

If he can’t show up without his bodyguards and Portable Forbidden Zone maybe he should just stay the heck away until everyone’s out of danger.

Well, ouryl has a point. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the same day but being the snarky bastard I have of late, I did throw it out there. Telling me to be nice is a fair call.

I’m not teary-eyed. Not in the slightest bit. Geez, all you guys are way too emotional around here.

Now excuse me while I hunt up some tissues.

…You know, er, to sneeze. That’s right. Gotta sneeze, you know…

Hey, Kytheria , sneezin’ is my job! :smiley:

Can I bum a tissue off ya? I got sumpin’ in my eye. Yep, that’s it. allergies or sumpin’.

We tend to assume kids are incompetent, can’t handle responsibilities because they lack the maturity, the necessary ability to prioritize, that they can’t stay focused, etc.

At some later point I may start a thread about that and refer back to this.

And <sniff>

I emailed the newspaper and asked them that exact question. It was like they left out the middle of the story, the most crucial part. Apparently the story came off the newswire. Doesn’t anybody proof these? So frustrating not to know “the rest of the story.”

Well I’ll just cry enough for the whole bunch of us, then! (But if someone could pass some tissues, it would be welcome.) Great kids, great parents, happy endings - yay!

I want to give each one of them a big hug. Poor kid/babies.

That Deamonte Love is my new hero.

It’s really refreshing to see a story that makes me cry in the good way. Thanks, Askia.

And if anybody finds out why the $^@#*%^ helicopter didn’t come back for the parents and how the kids ended up wandering around alone, let us know!

I’m so proud of my lil man Deamonte!