A christmas gift from us atheists to the religionists on the SDMB

I hope that’s water…

Look, it was the era of the Roman Empire, there was lots going on, an entire god dedicated to getting wasted, I was drifting between that and chronic boredom and I heard there was this new sect going around. So I write a little bit here, write a little bit there, deliberately contradict some things just to mess with people’s heads…

I had no idea that it would turn into such a big deal.

I’m sorry. I honestly am. It’s not like I was trying to do anything evil.

Man, there’s a lesson in this one kiddies. Be careful what you put in writing. It may come back to haunt you some day.


This *is *the fruit basket.

Fortunately, you’re already forgiven for that one.

That’s been my theory for you, actually. :wink: