A christmas gift from us atheists to the religionists on the SDMB

So they’ll just have to make do with a leftover nut.

Never been tested, but I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to whatever kind of nuts the tree this board is made of grows.


Remember, children: a pet is for life, not just for Christmas. Also, remember to spay and neuter your idiots.

That is “spay and neuter”, not “Neutralize and spade”.

Is he actually an atheist, incidentally? It seems odd that somebody with no personal investment in the Bible would get pissy that Jews “unreasonably ignore half of it”, or whatever it was he said.

He dipped his taint into the eggnog?:eek:

Nitpick: that’s Holiday present. The War on Christmas marches forward!

I thought we agreed to do that secret Santa thingy this year?? :frowning:

I just want to drop in and say that [Stake Your Claim] I wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays, and my wife wrote all of his sonnets[/Stake Your Claim].

Yeah, well, if I ever find out who sent me a copy of Children’s Suicide Notes to Santa

“Objection, your honour. That sentence should be taken out and shot.”


You dolt. Don’t you remember how it played out the last time the theists got a pet human for Christmas day? It starts out all promises to feed and wash them, but give it a while and the poor mite is dirty, unfed, and nailed to a cross.

Who knows? Some so-called “atheists” on the internet appear to actually be trolling Christians just claiming to be atheists. And others are just disappointed believers who are looking for an excuse to believe again.

Are you sure this is specifically an idiot atheist? It looks more general purpose than that.

I’m not sure. But then, I’m an idiot agnostic.

But do they take sugar on their porridge?

…I know, I know, damn fake atheists making you look bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can it be read from the moon?

No, but it does keep out the illiterate Mongolian hordes.

Close, it’s secret satan. We take all of the coal we get for Christmas and allow one of our kind an early entry into the lake of fire.

Wow, what a coincidence! Guess who won this year!