A clarification for: If all Chinese jumped at once, would cataclysm result?

Regarding this classic topic:
Cecil, your comment about the person who asked the question:

That’s because no person did ask the question; it’s obvious it was generated by the typewriter of one of an infinite number of monkeys.

Read “One of our dinosaurs is missing” by David Forrest-the book is out of print, but I have a copy. Thankfully the nefarious plot was foiled.

Cecil’s answer to that one really sent me rolling on the floor laughing. It’s the one that got me hooked on Straight Dope. I printed it. I read it once in a while. I suggest you do too. A remark: The Chinese people being poor and therefore skinny, the question should have been: If all the obese people of the western world jumped…

We wouldn’t get up high enough to cause an effect