A colorado woman gets killed by bears..... state kills first 3 bears they find

ok heres the story "

OK yes, I’m sympathetic that she was killed and eaten but the state and federal fish and game dept’s response was to use hunting/tracking dogs to come across the first bears they find and put them down then say “well test to see if it was them later”

couldn’t have they sedated them then run the test and then put them down if they were positive?

Unfortunately, sedating bears is risky and dangerous for the animal, and not without risk for the officers. Not that it can’t be done and it often is, but it’s certainly not an operation taken lightly.

And I’m not sure how you test the bears to see if they were involved without killing them and examining the stomach contents. Once that happened it would have been cruel to leave the cubs to fend for themselves.

Don’t scientists have to examine a bear’s stomach contents to determine if it killed a human? That necessitates a necropsy. And one-year-old cubs aren’t going to survive in the wild without their mother. If it is determined that she consumed the woman, putting down the cubs as well might be the only thing they could do. It’s not as if they killed three bears at random. If the mother bear killed the woman, and the cubs ate some of the flesh, too, they could pose a danger to people.

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They were going to use DNA left on the victim’s body and from the bears to determine if they had the right bear. From the bear likely means from the bear’s stomach although I guess they might find some of the woman’s blood on the bear. And they probably do have the right bear, black bears are pretty solitary and it’s unlikely another one would be in the area where that mother and her cubs were. But the story lacks detail, don’t really know what they consider ‘nearby’ to be.

As opposed the humane alternative of killing them?

It was probably a boating accident.

Or it could be a land shark, not a bear.


Well, this is not a boat accident! It wasn’t any propeller! It wasn’t any coral reef! And it wasn’t Jack the Ripper!

Look fellas, let’s be reasonable, huh? This is not the time or the place to perform some kind of a half-assed autopsy.

What we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. It’s really a miracle of evolution.

If you’re going to kill the mother, which it looks like they had to do in order to determine if they had gotten the right bear, then there’s not a lot options for dealing with the cubs.

I just thought the phrasing was a little off: “Unfortunately, sedating bears is risky and dangerous for the animal…”

That coyote I killed the other day had Kangaroo on his breath.

His last fucking breath.

A colorado woman gets killed by bears…… state kills first 3 bears they find

Isn’t that what the settlers used to do with Indians?

Sounds to me like the Bear Patrol is working like a charm.

One of the perpetual mems on dis 'ere message board is the lethality of Australian wildlife. But with the exception of crocodiles, of which the US has many more more, nothing on this continent kills you to eat you. They kill you because you’ve ticked them off. Our native variant of 2nd amendment solutions. Methinks the average red-blooded 'merkin patriot would be more sympathetic.

About 250,000 crocodiles in Australia vs about 1000 in the US. Australia would seem to have the edge in population. The big predator in the US is the alligator, with about 5 million.

well they were guilty after all and would of died anyways…