A comfortable pop-out sofa bed?

Anybody manufacture a sofa bed that is actually comfortable? My recent pending divorce has made me think that getting one is a good idea for when the kids visit.

It would be nice if it was actually well made and comfortable.


Stay away from Jennifer Convertibles, I have heard nothing but complaints about their quality, delivery and customer service.

We bought a Rowe about – AAAACK! – 20 years ago. It was quite comfortable then (they have an inner spring mattress, not just a glorified foam pad), and they lack that metal bar that goes under the mattress in the middle. Even after all these years, it’s still pretty comfortable.

I have awakened crippled from some sofa beds. In most cases, you’re better off with a futon on the floor.

I have one from Ikea that my parents say is pretty comfortable.

I was in the same position as you back in 1999. I ended up getting a sofabed from IKEA. It was ok for the kdis but I could not sleep on it at all. I think the quality at IKEA has decreased considerably since then and I dont think I’d look there again. My ex has our leather set from Jennifer and they have held up well.

I wish I could remember the brand name of the one I had. I got it at Sears and it was soooo comfortable! No evil bar in the middle, thick mattress, it was awesome. I couldn’t get it into my current house so I gave it to a relative. Her cats pissed all over it. What a shame. This was a world class sofa bed!

We got a very affordable sofa bed from Value City which is great as a sofa, less so as a bed. (This Magic model, in sage) But we found the best solution is to put an inflatable mattress on the fold-out bed. More bed-like support than the floor, and you don’t feel the inevitable metal bar.

There’s also a style of sofa bed that I found mostly referred to as “European sofa beds” which fold back, not pull out. This is one hideous example but I did find some that were contenders.

We had a futon much like this model for a while: http://www.specialtylinens.com/southtext/futon/nevada.jpg

I found it very comfortable. There’s no bar in the middle and no extra cushions to deal with.

I’ll have to ask my uncle about it later, but he has an AWSOME pull-out sofa bed that actually pulls out - like a drawer, and then the top part of the sofa kinda sinks in so that the whole sofa is actually a bed. It’s pretty sweet, and exceptionally comfortable. I can’t find anything online because I have no idea what the search criteria would be. But I promise, I’ll ask him.


I’m planning to get a sleep sofa, too, hopefully within the next couple of months. I’ve been looking at La-Z-Boy’s stuff online … I like their recliners, but does anyone have experience with their sleepers?

For my purposes, a futon won’t work: they’re too casual-looking for my living room, and the sofa will be functioning as a sofa 99% of the time.

I’m completely in lust with this sofa from IKEA. The second half of the mattress pulls out of a drawer under the longer leg of the “L” and the shorter leg’s cushion hinges up to reveal a storage space for its pillows and bedding. I’ve never slept on it as it has remained in the store rather than coming home with us, (When we were moving and really looking to get a new sofa, the blue was completely out of stock, so we decided to stick with the one we had) so I can’t speak to its sleeping comfort, but only to its sheer awesomeness.

My mom was looking at this new style that they have that’s like the bed frame, and attached is an air mattress that you inflate. It’s supposed to eliminate the bar-in-back issue. Didn’t end up getting one, but it made sense.

La-Z-Boy has those (I’m sure other manufacturers do, too, but that’s the one I’m aware of).

I slept on this Sleep Number sofabed before and it was as comfortable as the other Sleep Number beds (I don’t care for them, but I know folks who do.) It was much more comfy than a standard pull out tho.

I have absolutely no doubt that the Sleep Number sofa bed was comfy as hell, but oh-my-god those sofas are hideous! :eek:

We have one of these, and it’s very, very comfortable. Because it’s inflatable, you can get it as firm or soft as you want, within reason.


Carry on.


You could also get a day bed with a trundle. (example) They don’t camouflage as sofa’s very well, but I’ve seen some that still look nice furniture. And you have the benefit of sleeping on a real mattress (although I’m sure many of these sofa-bed mattresses are perfectly cozy…). Anyhow, just a thought.

I got mine in 2001- no idea if the quality of sofa beds there has changed since then or not.