A Comment about the Recent Move of a Thread to the Pit

This is the thread.

This is my post.

This is the comment that I decided would fit better in this thread than in that post:

Frankly, I’d have been happier if this thread had remained in MPSIMS until taking a turn for the mean-spirited, and then shut down entirely. But, that’s a comment on the moderation, so I’ll start a thread in ATMB to say it.

I’m guessing it wouldn’t have been long before subtle snarks and digs were being made, but even if not, that thread had the potential to come across as being insulting or as negative criticism to some posters.
My cite would be that it got three reports alone in a very short time of it being made, so it’s probably best served in the Pit.

I do understand what you’re saying, though…that putting it in the Pit might make it much more harsh than it would have been had it been left in MPSIMS, but again, I’m fairly certain that thread would have had eventually delved into potshots and insults, subtle, slight, minor, or not.

ETA: Speaking only for myself, I’m not one who thinks closing a topic is a good idea. I only close a topic as a very last resort, so if I had the choice between closing a topic or moving one, I’d probably move it. Had that topic stayed where it was and snark did happen, I’d have probably given out notes and/or warnings and then moved it to the Pit anyway rather than shut it down*

*If I was the first mod to respond and take action on it, that is

The title of the thread seems to indicate it was about insulting posters. And the OP’s examples were all the very things that are constantly used to harass certain posters.

Frankly, I’d be investigating the OP to see if they were a sock. The things they mention mostly didn’t happen in the past couple of years. They’re rather old complaints that people hold onto based on the past. Only one addresses a current habit.

Hell, I’ve not evne seen anyone complain about the Annie-Xmas one, let alone seen her do it.

Again with the complaint about moving threads. Do you ever post about anything else?



The habits addressed are current. Try using the search function.

I don’t know. I just read the thread - posted in it, as well - and it looked like it could equally have turned into self-deprecation, or even complimenting posters. Several folks came in to say nice things about even sven.


The Pit doesn’t mandate that all comments have to be negative.

I know. I was just saying that the thread was as likely to go in the opposite direction to the one Idle Thoughts feared.