A complaint about supermarket checkers

At a checkstand, I usually have to reach for the rubber dividers to put in front of the stuff I’m buying, and behind it, as a courtesy to the shopper behind me. I don’t see why the checker just sets the dividers in the narrow channel close by instead of pushing them down along the channel to where shoppers (who they were put there for) can reach and use them. Is that too much to ask? :mad:

Sing it, brother! Makes me so angry! GRR!

You know how people bring their own canvas bags to the grocery now? You should bring your own divider thingies. And charge people for the advertising space.

Every grocery store I go to, there are three or four of the little dividers so that when the checker puts one in the channel it pushes the others along so that one is within easy reach at the other end of the belt.


I must go to different stores. Just today, I was in a lane with only two dividers. I put one between my order and the person’s ahead of me. The second divider was in the slot closest to the cashier, a little out of my reach. As there was a person behind me, I had to ask the cashier to please slide a divider down my way so that I could put it at the end of my groceries so the person behind me could start putting hers on the belt. It would indeed have been nice if there were extra dividers so I wouldn’t have to ask the cashier to slide them down where I could grab one.

I was at the supermarket a few hours ago and the checkout only had one divider which I put between my stuff and the groceries in front of me. Alas and alack there was thus no divider for the person behind me. Luckily in Australia we have another thing available. We call it a gap. The couple used one of them to pile their stuff on the belt. When the cashier started sorting out payment with the customer in front of me I repositioned my forward divider as a rearward divider in that very gap. Problem solved.

Maybe I can start exporting gaps to the US?

Nah, metric gaps won’t work in the US. :slight_smile:

Besides, in Australia they put the gap on the wrong side of the belt.

You need to get taller or grow longer arms. If that’s not possible, you could start shopping with a taller and longer-limbed friend, or start carrying a retractable claw of some kind.

It’s worse. In Australia the belt runs backwards and spills all your stuff behind you down to the floor, except in Australia it’s the ceiling. That’s why they never turn on the belt.

The checkers always push the dividers back at the supermarket I shop at most frequently.

Everyone should put their items on the belt in alphabetical order. When the cashier reaches the yogurt or perhaps the Zingers, then he/she will know that it is time to quit scanning groceries.

Not at all.

Do you ask?

This is why I go to Meijer more often than not. Self-checkout is tits.

How’s that again?? :eek:

I can get any gaps I want - they are all made in China.

It’s a fucking Kafkaesque nightmare, I tell ya.

I hear ya. A lot of the time, they don’t have any dividers at all. As for leaving a gap, that can be a challenge sometimes, when the conveyor belt is set to move forward automatically as items are removed and scanned. That results in a long string of items straggling toward the cashier, with gaps all along the way. I usually end up putting groceries on the belt, stopping every so often to reach forward and draw them together so that they aren’t added to the order in front of me.

And to think that some people claim that the Pit is losing its edge…