A computer problem-- AMTXPRXY.DLL

Ok, I read the sticky in this forum about computer problems. I’ve posted in two other forums, and so far, everybody seems to be at a loss.

Today I got an unusual error message. “Explorer has caused an error in AMTXPRXY.DLL”. Explorer will now close. If you continue to experience problems, try restarting your computer." Note this is Explorer, not Internet Explorer.

This is what I did, in order.

Re-started the computer in safe-mode. The error showed up.
Restarted the computer and the error message showed up. I also realized that I could continue to work on the computer. It doesn’t seem to affect the computer at all. So I ran a virus scan.

It came back clean.

I ran (updated versions of) Adaware, Spybot, and Webroot Spy Sweeper. They call came up clean.

I searched for “AMTXPRXY.DLL” and came up with nothing.

I ran CWShredder and came up clean.

I searched for “AMTXPRXY.DLL” on my computer and found nothing.
The reason I suspect this is malware and not a computer problem (though I know very little about these things…) is that I’m still getting pop-ups. Right now, mainly “The Penis Profiler.” I also have spyblaster DLed and running. I run The Proxomitron. And I used the “immunize” option on Spybot.

Yes, it is very likely a bit of spyware; since Google shows no sign of it, that means it’s a randomly named .dll – always a bad sign.

I’m surprised Ad-Aware didn’t clean it, but another tool to try is BHO Demon. It should allow you to disable the BHO, if that’s what it is (spyware with a .dll extension are usually, though not always, BHOs).

If that doesn’t help, you’ll need to download and run hijackthis and then post the log at http://www.spywareinfo.com for analysis.

I could be wrong , but I suspect you might have seen a message for “ACTXPRXY.DLL”. AMTXPRXY.DLL does not exist as a referenced dll anywhere on the main web search engines, even for malware/spyware.

Here is the info for “ACTXPRXY.DLL”. It’s a valid internal windows dll that apparently mediates some activeX functions.

Here is what it does

No, it’s definitely AMTXPRXY.DLL

I downloaded BHO Demon and it said there were no problems. I noticed though that sometime during the night Win Tools reinstalled itself.


Have you checked Add/Remove Programs for WinTools? Lately I have seen an uninstaller there. It will eventually uninstall WinTools, but you have to wade through several levels of misleading “Are you sure” prompts before it will uninstall.

Regarding AMTXPRXY.DLL versus ACTXPRXY.DLL: I have seen several instances where a piece of spyware will generate a new name based on an existing name by changing one letter, instead of generating it completely randomly.