A confession. I sometimes make coffee like this:

Heat up a mug of milk in the microwave. Add one small spoonful of the cheapest kind of granulated coffee. Turn on the kitchen tap fast, so there’s lot of water pressure, then move the mug under the stream for a second, adding a little water and foaming the milk a bit. It’s nothing like a latte. I feel dirty.

Get the pitchforks!!!

That’s nothing.

My Fiance absolutely hates the smell of coffee so I am forced to drink…

Instant :eek:

You poor girl. I am weeping for you.

Well, if I had tear ducts and human feelings I’d be weeping for you. Um, the Bizarrro-world version of me is weeping. Does that count?

If you have a dish sprayer thingie, you can maybe use a squirt from that to try and foam the milk up.

Also, save your pennies and get a real espresso machine. Microwaved milk and granulated coffee is bad for your soul.

That’s not coffee. Whatever you’re making, it’s not coffee.

Jeez, get a French press already, why doncha?

That is not coffee. it is a chemical that only apes the worst taste of very bad coffee. It ranks with decaf as colored hot water.

I just noticed the OP’s location, and flashed on Paul Hogan’s technique for making toast…

When I went to England last year I nearly made a room full of people faint from shock when I admitted that I used to make tea by putting a tea bag in a mug of water and microwaving the whole deal.

Serves 'em right for serving instant coffee. :stuck_out_tongue:

My coffee ritual after work:
Spoonful of Nescafe Clasico in coffee cup, splash of hot tap water. Swirl briefly till dissolved and top off with skim. That’s it. Weekend mornings usually begin with a double.

Dear Lord. I feel faint just reading this thread.

Uh, I make espresso, dunk it into a tall glass, add at least as much milk and some sugar. I call it cafe con leche, but was I really just raised in a barn?

You have NOTHING to be ashamed of. Just on account of the fact that you call it “espresso” rather than “expresso”. Also because you use espresso.

The atlantic beverage difference just boggles my mind every time I think of it.

Instant coffee is just really common here in the UK - many (perhaps still most) people don’t have the apparatus for making any kind of coffee from grounds or beans, and they don’t really care.

What I still find really hard to grasp is why coffee? Why does the stereotypical American (who may exist nowhere beyond my imagination) despise instant coffee, yet happily eat instant mac ‘n’ cheese, (or indeed any number of things falsely purporting to be, or include, cheese).

Well, most of the folks hereabouts (Spain) will drink coffee in a glass only if it’s on ice, but other than that, no, you don’t seem to be doing anything that would make my Dad turn in his grave (his coffee had a reputation in several towns). There’s no rule against drinking coffee in a glass, it certainly sounds better than an aluminum cup and you’ll pry those from the cold, dead fingers of any mountaineer you care to name.