a "consolidated roach" made of other roaches

We just moved in to a co-op. The place was clean but then we found this one GIANT FLYING roach. We killed it. Just to be safe I put out some boric acid. I’ve sealed the openings in the place just in case and cleaned every surface with pine scented cleaner.

But here is my question:

My husband says that roaches eat each other and that when you find one giant one in an apartment that was empty for a long time (ours was empty for 3 months) it’s the “great last roach” it’s so big because it’s “consolidated roach”

He says it’s always a female and when people show up it gets ready to lay eggs and “de-consolidate.”

He says he’s seen the “great last roach” before in other empty places he’s moved in to. He says you have to kill it or you’ll have trouble for the rest of the time you live there.

Knowing this freaks me out.

Please tell me it isn’t true.


You’ve been Calvin’s-Dad’d.


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