..."A Constraint-Based Drawing Editor"...

  • My education hasn’t gone this far yet: what-n-L is a “constraint-based drawing editor”? I looked at a bunch of the samples and read for a bit, but don’t see the signifigance. It doesn’t do anything amazing that I can see, except that it seems to have its own scripting/programming language, so that instead of drawing stuff yourself, you can tell it to draw something. Is that the big deal? Is that a big deal? Can somebody sum up “constraint-based drawing” for me? - MC

If you’ve ever used a compute graphics program, you’ve likely used a constraint-based drawing editor. Basically, it helps you draw circles, ellipses, squares, etc., and smooths out freehand vector graphics. The “constraints” are just ways of keeping your user input from producing crappy output. For instance: clicking down and dragging diagonally before releasing to draw a square in Adobe Illustrator, etc.

The Juno-2 system referred to in this link appears to be simply one implementation of this sort of stuff. Not revolutionary, just one of several that exist.