A cooking Question: Freezing /Thawing/Refreezing

When I BBQ ribs I simmer them in beer first, and the last three times, I have saved and frozen and then thawed and reused the stock. I have added 24oz of fresh beer and some spices each time. I also use the stock for the base of my own BBQ sauce and in my opinion, the stock is getting richer and my BBQ sauce has more body. Cooking tips and technique aside, my question is, how many times can I refreeze and reuse the stock?

You have to make sure that the stock gets hot enough to kill any bugs that might be on the meat. If you are doing that, I don’t see a problem, other than I don’t care for your cooking method. (no boil, real smoke, 5 hours to heaven is the way to go)

Not to worry Rick, after their beer bath, dem bones do get smoked for a few hours with mesquite or pecan wood.

I didn’t think it’s a problem either because of the heat, but was still a bit worried.

Just make sure the stock does not sit at room temperature. It should be held above 160F or below 40F. If it sits, even if you boil it again, you’ll kill the bacteria but if bacteria has grown it can leave toxins behind.

Your stock is getting thicker because more fat is being added to each succeeding batch.But so are the amounts of microbes that breed after the stock cools down and before it’s frozen.

That’s the usual caveat I’ve read about chilling or freezing cooked foods.

I’d hope someone could come up with a cite (US Ag?),but this particular practice has always made me a little leary.