A couple boxing questions

I watched Rocky 2 and it made me curious about a couple things.

If 2 boxers hit each other and both knocked each other down, and neither one got up, how would the judges determine who won the fight? Has this ever happened?

Also, in the moving Apollo is hitting a punching device that is a ball with a cord tide to the ceiling and one cord tied to the floor that bounces around alot as you hit it. What kind of punching bag is this?

I thought it had happened in boxing but couldn’t find any record although it did happen in wrestling:

"Sonnenberg had been a lucky winner in their first match. They had met head-on in the center of the ring when each tried to win the deciding fall with a flying tackle. Both were knocked out, but Sonnenberg recovered first and was declared the victor. " from Wrestling Legends .

The tethered bag is called a reflex ball.

From the European Boxing Union Rules:

Article 18 - Double Count-out

18.1 In the case of a simultaneous “count-out” the decision announced will be “No Decision”.

In the US, each state’s boxing commission has its own rules. I’d be willing to guess that in this situation, it would be a “no decision.” Thomas Hearns and Freddie Delgado went down simultaneously (I believe) some years ago in their fight–but they both made the count.

If a fighter was unable to continue because of a cut caused by a “clash of heads” after a certain number of rounds they would go by the judges scorecards. Why wouldn’t that rule apply? If both fighters knocked each other out simultaneously, why not go to the scorecards after a set number of rounds (usually 4)?

Because both boxers knocked the other one out. KO’s always trump the scorecard. The scores are of no consequence when you’ve been knocked out.

In the clash of heads case it was essentially an outside incident (the boxer would be able to continue except for the unintentional headbutt) so they go to the scorecard.